Friday, June 29, 2012

Then & Now

Yesterday was Simone's last day of preschool.  So much has changed for her this past year.  While the physical difference isn't as obvious as it was last year, she still looks pretty much the same, just taller.  The main differences are in her personality.  She definitely found it this past year and has no problem expressing it, awesome but frustrating as well.  This girl is not lacking in confidence which is great but it gets her into a bit of trouble from time to time.  She has become a pro at writing her name and seeing that growth has been wonderful.  She loves to write all the time and is always asking how to spell things so she can write them down.  She has also really wants to read so we bought some books to start working on that this summer.

For the last day of school her teacher planned a family party and pot luck at the park where her school is.  Everyone brought food to share and we had a nice time visiting and let the kids run and play.  They were allowed to bring bikes or scooters and there were a few crashes but thankfully no one got hurt too bad.  The park has a mini spray park in it so I bet you can't guess who got soaked down to her undies....poor planning on mom's part, I should have dressed her in her swimsuit.

There was a group gift for Simone's teacher and we also gave her a little thank you as well.  That's Simone standing by as she reads our card.

Simone will only have one month off and is back at it again the beginning of August.  Next year she will go three days a week instead of the two she had this past year.  The emphasis next year will be kindergarten prep and it's amazing what kids are expected to know before they step foot inside their kindergarten classes.  Lots of new and exciting things ahead for sure.  Hopefully all of these kids will continue next year, I guess we'll see when class starts.  Luckily Simone will have the same teacher and be at the same location. 

We are looking forward to our month off and need to seriously get started making some plans before the month disappears on us.

Happy Summer everyone!

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  1. OH super sweet! I have to do that for my Boys as school finished my oldest graduated from 8th grade so that will be a bitter sweet page & my younger son he's heading to 4th grade I KNOW that will be a big difference as he had a growth spurt & then there is my little girl who I registered for Kindergarten.. sigh... They grow WAY to fast!