Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project Life - Week 22

Sorry this is a bit late posting this morning. Since Monday was so gloomy I just didn't feel like doing anything, so I spent most of the day hanging out with Simone and putzing around.  I worked hard yesterday to get this weeks posts done and didn't finish until close to dinner time.  Which left no good light for photo taking.

That being said here is the week!  I made another insert this week for our Yosemite photos, you'll see that below.

And the left side.

As usual, this was done last.  I had intended to use the sun cutout on another slot but it was too big so it ended up here.  It's a nice welcome to summer.

Most of this side ended up being about Sunday.  Since I added the insert for our trip I was free to use more slots than I would normally allow myself.  Gold Bug Mine was awesome and Simone loved it. 

A shot of the gold Larry bought for Simone and our sleepy girl.  She slept for 12.5 hours that night, growing, growing, growing!

On Memorial Day morning Larry took Simone to go see the Parachuters jump down in Lodi.  She loved watching them and it being a holiday there were a lot of jumpers to watch.

The slot next door is for the insert.  I realized after I made it that I didn't put any text, so I removed the photo that was there and put it on the right side and added a journaling card to tell the story of what was going on in the insert.

Another shot from Sunday, this ice cream place just opened in town.  It reminds me of a place we used to go when I was a kid living in the Bay Area.  It was awesome and I can't wait to go back many more times.

Monday, Memorial Day, it was an awesome, low key day at home and I loved that the Swackett app honored and remembered those that have served our country.  We made sure our flag was flying.
This whole slot is digital even the tape.  I just purchased the set of digital washi tape and loved playing with it.  It's from Robyn Meierotto at Design House Digital.  I IG'd her how much I loved it and she said she would make more, yay!

Here is the insert.  I used these protectors from Staples.  This ended up taking a really long time, mainly because I worked through it by trial and error.  Lots of do overs and changes made on the fly to accommodate what I wanted to accomplish.  I had thought of doing it all digital but then realized I couldn't really fold the photo paper they way I wanted to so that meant I had to first decide what size the photos needed to be, print them and then cut them all out.  It ended up great and was totally worth the extra time. 

The stamps on the front are part of the new Hey Day collection here and here if you missed that chevron strip when it was first released.  I also saw that they are doing yet another order of the Adventure and Good Stuff sets so if you want them hit the shop and hit notify me so they know how many to order.

Each section flips up and has photos.

The back are all shots from the valley.

Here is the right hand side.

We've been talking about getting our golf clubs out again and we finally did.  After we took Simone to school on Thursday we checked out the little 9 hole course in town and hit a bucket of balls.  It's been forever and it was hard but in the end it was fun and we want to do it again.  I may take some lessons to refresh my swing.

Another month, another list of shots to take on Instagram.  I really love this months list and can't wait for some of the prompts.

A few random shots from the week.  Starbucks Frappacino runs have become a part of our lives.  Not often but way more than before.  It all started during their half off Happy Hour week they hooked us!
A shot of our tomatoes, doing well!

I tried Blue Bunny ice cream for the first time when I was back east and loved it.  I found out the only place to buy it here in town is at Walmart so I picked up two to try.  I posted this picture of my Peanut Butter Panic to IG and also to Twitter.  I was surprised when I got a reply back from the Blue Bunny folks, love when stuff like that happens!

I made our first batch of summer bruschetta this past weekend, so good who needs dinner!  (More digital washi tape here too)

It was super hot this past Friday, I tried to keep cool in a light dress and it did help but it was hot, hot, hot!

Larry made Simone the cutest space ship out of a giant box that we had.  She has played in it every day since and loves it!  I colored in the veneer stars with a sharpie and then covered them with iridescent stickles for some shimmer.

Thanks for stopping by, its been a super fun week to document.  Thankfully the weather is warming up so our one day of June gloom is on its way out.  Cheers to warm weather if you have it too!


  1. I really love your PL! I love all the interactive stuff you have included, and the bits and pieces are fabulous!

  2. Love your PL pages and your blog! Such inspiration! :)