Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Workspace Wednesday │ the tooth fairy edition

We lost another tooth yesterday so it got me thinking about how I'm going to document all of this. I've done well taking the photos, making the cards and saving the receipts. I'm just not sure if I should make a separate mini album for this subject or if I should just add these in to her school album that I'm about to start. If you are documenting the tooth fairy and/or tooth loss how are you handling it? I'd love to know.

You can read all about the cards I made and the receipts in this post here.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Project Life® │ spreads three to six

The last part of February kind of kicked my butt, I got really sick after Valentine's Day and then it was my birthday and just like that its March. I hadn't intended to be gone for so long but at least I have a few spreads to catch you up on.

Spread 3 │This spread covers January nineteen to thirty and I'm really loving the 'no pressure to scrap every photo so I can fill a full spread every week approach'. Like a lot! My daughter is even appreciating the break in the photo taking. Lately she has come to me on her own and said 'hey do you want to take a picture of this'? I love that.

The Starbucks card was a screen shot from an email announcing I had a free drink, the veneer coffee cup is from Digital Design Essentials as is the flower and enamel dot on the title card. I used some digital files from Studio Calico on the photo of me and the other was from Kelly Purkey on our lunch date photo. Getting back to basics is pretty rad. As is that UR Perfect Card from Studio Calico. So hoard worthy but I'm trying to be better about that.

I changed up the protector on this side purely based on the photos I wanted to use, but it also left me the right amount of space for the next spread on the back side.

Spread 4 │ I opted to do one spread just for this day, it was worthy of its own focus. The page flag I used on the journaling card is from Kelly as is the stamp I added to the card.

Spread 5 │ February one to eight and my first weekly half spread and I loved it. Keeping it small and simple was a lot of fun. The gold February transparency came in a special pack from Studio Calico, I added the gold glitter letters to it. The rest of the cards and the hearts came from the Cirque Project Life kit from Studio Calico.

Spread 6 │ February nine thru the fifteenth, so of course is very pink and heart filled. I left the previous title slot open so it was see thru but did add another heart on the backside to cover the one on the front. I used a fair amount of digital stamps on the spread from Studio Calico and Digital Design Essentials. The rest were cards from the Cirque Project Life kit or collages I made myself.

I wanted to add in a real Plum Blossom bloom on the title card but I wasn't sure how it would stand up. I'm pressing some in a book right now to see what happens and may replace it in a few weeks if it works out. Until then I cut this print and cut from the Silhouette Store on vellum and added it to the title card.

In the middle of this spread are two large 8.5 x 11 photos from the week that I really wanted to showcase. I loved adding in these larger photos and I'm sure I will do it again. The digital files on this photo are older ones from Studio Calico.

A simple title and date on this one. I love that a phone photo can be printed this large and still look good.

I'm just about caught up and I only need to do one last spread for the remaining days of February that I hope to work on this week. My desk is still a mess so I might as well press on while it is.

See you soon,
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Friday, February 13, 2015

I {heart} Valentine's Day

Happy early Valentine's Day! We tend to do it up around here on the big day but then again any excuse for a little party and I'm usually all in. I think it's fun to celebrate these little holidays even in small ways. I don't go to overboard with making a lot of things but one thing I have made the past few years are these yummy cookies. If you love Dark Chocolate you will love them. Simone helped with the sprinkles as you can probably tell and she did a really good job. I also dip a few in just plain chocolate because my husband doesn't love massive amounts of sprinkles. If you don't want to go thru the dipping process don't worry, they are still super yummy left plain. To dip them I just melted about one cup of Nestle Semi Sweet Morsels in the microwave added about a teaspoon of vegetable oil to make it more fluid and dipped away. We laid them out on waxed paper and added the sprinkles while they were still wet. A few minutes in the fridge to set them up and they are ready to eat. I do keep the dipped cookies in the fridge just to make sure they don't melt and stick together. Plus I like them cold and crisp right out of the fridge. Yum!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Workspace Wednesday │ the gift wrap version

I haven't used my workspace to make something in over a week but I have used my space to wrap a gift. A super sweet Valentine's Day gift for a certain little person I know. I totally can't wait for Valentine's Day and I wouldn't be surprised if that heartbeat and xoxo ribbon I used didn't end up in my Project Life® spread because I kind of love both of them. On a side note, I sure hope she shares one of the Blow Pop mini's with me, especially the Strawberry Lemonade one.

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