Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Studio Calico Poet Society Full Reveal

I'm so happy to share the full reveal of what I made with the Studio Calico Poet Society Project Life® kits. These kits are absolutely packed with embellishments and I just loved how perfectly they went with my photos and stories this month.

Note: reminder that all links below will work for subscribers as of now 9:00am PST and tonight at 9:00pm PST for non subscribers.

Here is the full Project Life® spread that I made using the Poet Society Main Kit only.

Lots of circles and stars on this spread, I used each and every one of the plastic stars that came in the main kit this month and I adored the circle stickers too and managed to get three on my spread. I'm also a super huge fan of the rubons that came in the kits this month. And yes they will stick to the plastic hearts too! Yay!

I made a little flip action and cut a hole so that the gold arrow printable would help guide the way.

I also made my own digital element this month by combining one the super cute flag cut file and a printable card. I just loved the watercolor card that Tina made for this set of printables, its so pretty and it worked really well clipped to the cut file.

My second project was the special insert I made just for my daughters first day of school.  It's 6 x 12 and I just love how it turned out. Its just two sheets of 12x12 cardstock that I stitched together right down the middle with a gold thread.

I used Shanna's digital template as my guide to cut a few sheets of the 4x6 paper pad and two of the special back to school cards that came in the set that she designed to make the patchwork for my cover.  I also added the wood veneer hello that came in the Oliver addon and a few bits that came in the Yeats addon to decorate the cover of my booklet.

Like I mentioned in my sneaks post the packaging for the rubons that came in the Oliver addon was the most adorable little clipboard piece.  I decided to use it as a backing for a letter to my daughter. I just cut around the bottom edge of the clip and around the label to slip my paper underneath. I added a little element to cover up the brand name in the upper right cover and I love it. I used some of the digital stamps from Suzy's adorable set to decorate the bottom of my letter and filled in with lots of the embellishments that came in the Yeats addon.  For the right side I added a phrase from the word strip stickers to the top of one of the veneer pieces that came in the main and a few more rubons but kept it more simple because I wanted to keep the focus on the photo.

I always take at least one close up face shot on the first day of school and love the way this one turned out this year. Just like last year you can see my reflection in her eyes and that is just so cool to see. The Apple of my Eye card is from Shanna's Back to School card set and it was perfect for this photo.  On the right I used some more of Suzy's digital stamps to make the Class of piece. I created the offset cut with my Cameo and it was a quick and easy thing to make. The tag pulls out in the back and it just has the girls names written on it. That pink pearl eraser piece in the Yeats addon was adorable and a must use as was that phrase from the word strips.

I waited out front while my husband went to pick her up at the end of the day and shot a series of photos of her on her scooter as she came home. I made a simple collage for the left side, cut the arrow from a card from the Yeats addon and added some more embellishments from Yeats. That & is veneer but I ended up covering is with more rubons. I posted the photo on the right hand side to Facebook when she got home and listed out some of her pro cons for the day so when I saw this card I new it was the perfect way to end out the story. I just laid it out in Photoshop and printed my text right on the card.

I just love how this little book turned out and it was so much fun picking out all of the little embellishments to use.

So to recap some of my favorites from this month
  1. Poet Society Project Life Main
  2. Poet Society Yeats addon
  3. Poet Society Oliver addon
  4. Shanna's digital template set
  5. Suzy's digital stamp bushes 
  6. Shanna's Back to School Cards
And the extra's that I had to add to my own shopping cart...

  1. New Color Theory Stamp Pads - All of my favorite colors have been added I could not say no to these!
  2. Marcy's die set - the first was so good, I had to get this one too
  3. This Rocket Stamp set - SO adorable!
  4. Poet Society Paper Pad - I need another set since I cut up a few sheets for my insert cover
  5. Kraft Envelope set - these were from last month but after seeing them in person I never want to run out of these
I hope you all get everything you want this month and I hope you check out the Creative Team Gallery too, its really amazing this month.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Studio Calico Poet Society sneak peeks

Its funny how some months I'm in a super matchy matchy kind of obvious color story mood and other times I just want the right card for the right moment and I'm super happy with things kind of being all over the place. The spread I made using the Studio Calico Poet Society Project Life® main kit was most definitely the later of the two and I just love it.

Here are some sneak peeks of that spread.

I really loved the digital file of this alpha stamp and had to use it for my title card.

This mountain and star card was totally hoard worthy but it was just to perfect for my super moon photo and paired with this alpha it's one of my favorite things on the spread this month. And the plastic stars, I used each and every one of them.

See, more stars with a printable.

And this days of the week card was super cute!

I also made a special 6 x 12 insert for this spread because I really wanted to focus on my daughters first day of school and their is no better way to do that than with a custom mini book style insert.  Here are some sneaks of it.

Shanna's digital template set this month was the starting point for the cover of this insert. I hope I made my Mom the quilter proud with this one.

In the Oliver addon their is a set of printables and the packaging was a huge influence on the look and feel of this little insert. I used it as the base here and I'm in love with it.

I'm not usually that good with rubons but I asked for some help, got some great tips and absolutely went to town with them this month. I rubbed them on everything!

I love a good pro con list and after my daughters first day of school I posted some of her pros and cons on Facebook so when I saw this card I had to use it to wrap up the insert. It could not have been any more perfect.

I hope this has helped get you a bit excited for reveal which is in just two days! Don't forget that subscribers can shop for shop items and get them bundled with their kit orders starting at 9:00pm PST on the 26th of every month. The kits will go live at 9:00am PST on the 27th for subscribers and 9:00pm PST on the 27th for non subscribers.  I think its going to be a really exciting reveal so make sure you are ready.  Click here to sign up or read more about the kit subscriptions.  To see all of the other kit sneaks this month click here.

I'll see you back on Wednesday for my reveal of my complete projects!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Photos & Words

I'm a huge fan of learning from others, especially others who do such amazing work.  Studio Calico has announced two new classes that I am personally very excited about. I can always use some fresh inspiration to shake me out of my photo taking rut and I can definitely use some help telling my stories in a new exciting way.  I think if you've been at this hobby for awhile now you might be like me, needing a fresh perspective on how you look at what you do and if you are new to the hobby what better way to learn from the pros and start off on the right foot.

Here is the first class Snapshot - Bring your every day moments into focus with Snapshot. Join April Foster in shooting a photo a day in September and learn to capture all of the little details that add up to your favorite memories. Snapshot will be enrolling through 9/30/2014 at 11:59pm EST, and class will begin on September 1st.

  • 30 photo prompts designed to help you turn the camera on every aspect of your life and find new things to capture.
  • Photo samples for every prompt from April and one of her contributors, along with bonus ideas for each to help stretch your creativity.
  • Tips and tricks for staying inspired to pick up your camera and shoot new things from April and her contributors.
  • A minibook project from April featuring her photos from the class.
  • A class message board and gallery to share your thoughts and photos.
  • Digital photo brushes from Hello Forever (shown below).
  • A printable prompt list – sized to fit into your planner or your camera bag.
These digital brushes will be perfect to add right to your photos prior to printing.

The next class is Pen & Paper - Put pen to paper and make your memories come alive. Join Laura Kurz for Pen & Paper and take your layouts to the next level by seeing how you can use words to truly make a page. From journaling prompts to interviewing your loved ones, this class will explore many different ways of looking at life to tell your story. Pen & Paper will be enrolling through 9/30/2014 at 11:59pm EST, and class will begin on September 1st.

  • 8 PDF lessons designed to help you find your voice and share your memories in a more meaningful way.
  • 1 video from Laura sharing her thoughts on the importance of journaling.
  • Jour
    naling tips and tricks from our contributors - everything from finding the right words to capture a mood to fitting all that journaling into a page design.
  • Digital layout templates from Shanna Noel in 12x12 & 8.5x11 (shown below) - designed with room for your biggest stories.

Class Syllabus:
Week One – Getting Started
  • Assignment 1 – Finding Your Voice
  • Assignment 2 – Recording A Day, A Week, A Month
Week Two – The Interview and the Letter
  • Assignment 1 – The Interview
  • Assignment 2 – If I Die on Monday
Week Three – Other Ways of Storytelling
  • Assignment 1 – Let Others Tell Your Story
  • Assignment 2 – When You Can’t Find the Right Words
Week Four – Looking for Prompts and Being Random
  • Assignment 1 – The Prompt
  • Assignment 2 – Let it Flow

Now if you are like me and know that you want to take both classes check this offer out! Purchase the Photos & Words bundle and save over 10% off enrolling in each class individually! This bundle offer is available through September 30th. By enrolling in the Photos & Words Bundle, you will receive access to two classes - Pen & Paper with Laura Kurz and Snapshot with April Foster.

I hope to see you in the classroom!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

The September Issues, hello fall fashion

The heftiest and best fashion issues of the year are starting to hit my mailbox. It's my favorite time of the year for fashion, I love seeing what the fall trends will be and pick out new things to spice up my wardrobe.  Are their any fall trends you are loving so far? Clearly I'm loving the varsity look, all things leopard and tartan plaid. Be prepared to see these items on repeat from me this year.

Sources (links shortened for ease only)
  1. A really versatile Fleece Varsity Jacket -
  2. Pearl eyeglass chain, something I don't need but come on its so cute! -
  3. Leopard sling back flats, the perfect shoe -
  4. Original Weejuns, they are a classic for a reason -
  5. French inspired graphic tee -
  6. Leopard ball cap, great for early morning soccer games -
  7. Love these Leopard sneaks -
  8. The perfect plaid shirt for when 90's flannel is just too much -
  9. Plaid pumps that would be so cute with boyfriend jeans for date night -
  10. The best $6 scarf ever, like EVER! -

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