Friday, October 24, 2014

Five of Friday

Have you seen that list of outrageous pumpkin products online, its basically mocking those that love all things pumpkin and while I would happily purchase some of them, some are just ridiculous. Until some of these are a real thing (hello pumpkin vodka) I thought I would share all things pumpkin and caramel (tossed in for good measure) that I am loving right now. I mean is fall, if you can't do it now when can you!
  1. If you haven't trip Project 7 gum yet, you should its really yummy. They came out with this seasonal flavor that I ordered direct from them because I couldn't find it in a store near me. Its really good!
  2. This is hands down the best yogurt I have ever had and I feel like I'm making even more trips to Target than normal because that's the only place you can get this flavor. I sure hope they keep this on the shelf at least thru November. I'm Obsessed!
  3. I heart Bath and Body Works and they do the seasonal scents exceptionally well and this one doesn't disappoint.
  4. Okay so I saw someone post these online so I had to try them. They are yummy but super sweet. One and your done kind of sweet, so thankfully they are small. 
  5. Even my husband who never likes anything flavored likes this granola. That must mean its really good and I suppose I need to stock pile it while I still can.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Studio Calico Walden Sneaks

Man, sneak time just totally snuck up on me this month! LOL! I'm a bit under the gun this week with a lot of things going on so I had to really focus my attention to get my projects done so they would be ready in time. Luckily for me the kits were super easy to work with making my job that much easier.

I really loved that the kits had such a great variety of items in them this month and the color palette was just fantastic. I made two spreads this month, this first one is using the Main Kit only. Blue and yellow is always a favorite color combo for me so its no surprise I gravitated toward it again this month. Those days of the week tabs were my favorite thing this month.

I am also pretty partial to these gold mirror stars!  And the cording, there are so many ways to go with this but I chose to use it for a title and my fingers are still stuck together!

My second spread used a lot of the Firchberg addon and a lot of the digital files this month.

This is one of my favorite digital stamps this month, and see more gold mirror stars.

That's all I'm sneaking this month, but if you haven't checked out the rest of the kit sneaks make sure you do. You can see them all here and make sure you check out the really pretty stamp set that was the sneak item this month. Its the perfect alpha for all of your title work.

I'll see you back for revel on the 27th and I'll share the complete projects, I can't wait to share them with you!
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Monday, October 20, 2014

#scinspires - the winner

Thank you all so much for the responses to my Studio Calico Inspires Blog Hop contest! I enjoyed reading what everyone loved in The Underground Project Life kit and congratulations to...

I have submitted your name to the folks at Studio Calico and The Underground Project Life kit will be sent to you.

Remember to make sure you have downloaded the print and shared what inspires you using the #scinspires hashtag so that the prizes keep growing for the contest.

Thanks again to all of you that entered!
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday

  1. My Christmas just got made with this little announcement and with Sofia Coppola no less. I'm quite certain some sort of party will be planned around the airing of this special. I'm giddy in anticipation of the air date, just giddy!
  2. My friend Shanna Noel just announced another class with Studio Calico. Gratitude Documented it's the perfect way to focus on all that is good in your life as the holiday season approaches. Make sure you take a look at the materials she has designed, they are so, so cool.
  3. We are embarking on quite the adventure this Halloween, we have never been this time of year so being there to Trick or Treat will be a big treat (LOL) for all of us. Our costumes are almost ready, well my daughters is. The adult costumes still need to be finished, and they aren't really costumes but they compliment hers so it should still be cute for pictures. I'll be sure to share as soon as they are done. We're pretty excited to see what's in store for us.
  4. I have found the perfect shade of red lipstick for anyone who like me has a lot of red in your hair real or manufactured. It's the loveliest brick red shade and I just love it, I plan on wearing it a lot the next few months.
  5. I went ahead and purchased Ali Edwards December Daily kit again this year. I really love what I saw in the mock ups and I love having a kit to use. I picked the off white album because I did red last year and that was the only other option. However, I am seriously considering using the new Linen Handbook from Studio Calico. I just love the texture and I think it will be lovely with something gold or silver on the front cover. I'm excited to get both of these items in my hands and to start planning out what I'm going to do with them.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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