Monday, April 30, 2012

Princess Tea Party

It's always fun to walk by her room and stumble upon a Princess Tea Party.  Buzzy and Sweetie were sitting quietly drinking their tea and listened intently as Simone (aka the Princess) was reading them a story, chapters and all.

I hope you have time for a Princess Tea Party this week, I know I'm going to make some time for another one.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Five on Friday

Okay, I'm so late, I almost totally forgot to post today, here's another edition of Five on Friday

1.  I subbed twice this past week at preschool, one day for the 4 year olds and one day in Simone's class.  The four year olds are all so cute and since this is the third time I've been in their class they know me now so they are super friendly and lots of fun to be around.  I happened to be in Simone's class for Share Day.  It was a blast listening to them them talk about the item they brought in.  It's also really fun watching Simone interact with her friends and be a 4 year old.

2.  I got a super cool new app called GifRus, it works great with Instagram.

3.  I bought a new book this week, it's supposed to be super funny.  Can't wait to start it.  I may wait for a trip I'm taking next month but we'll see.

4.  Making sock puppets is super fun.

5.  So is Red Velvet Ice Cream.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project Life - Week 16

Holy Sunshine week!  Like I posted on Monday this past week was full of sunshine and summer prep.  I used a lot of blue and yellow this week and I love the way the colors looked together.  I also used quite a few cameo cuts this week.

Here's the look at the full spread and the left side up close.

I used a piece of paper from the Amy Tangerine 6x6 pad for the date slot and a label from her set of labels.

This slot is all digital, I love that sunburst journaling card from Gina Miller at The Lilypad.

These two slots were pretty simple, the Monday was something I cut out with my Cameo.

I'm still loving the wood veneers and added a few this week too.   The smile card is something I made and cut with my Cameo, and man, how big does my nose look it that picture, oh my schnoz!

Larry was hard at work this week building, painting and staining.  This was all digital except for the veneer.

The die cut tag came in my last Studio Calico shipment, I can't remember what kit.  The check mark stamp is from the Studio Calico Epic stamp set.

Here's a look at the right side.

I did some major spring cleaning this past week.  I always move my winter clothes out for summer and needed to clean out one of our guest room closets.  I also had to do the same for Simone, plus figure out what she could still wear from last year and assess what she needed for this year.  It was a long day to say the least but feels good to look at clean closets.

After I cleaned I got Simone a few new things for summer.  When I pulled the size stickers off I saved them because they reminded me of Washi Tape.  I posted this on Instagram and got a ton of positive feedback.  It was a great way to document Simone's size right now.  The girl is so tall, she's already wearing 5T.

a close up of the size stickers.

I got the cute Man paperclips from Jetpens.  I also got the Woman version and cute word bubbles, I can't wait to use them too.  The Swackett app was cute this weekend, it was so hot.  I was glad to see the girls had her SPF on hand.

a close up of the clip.

The left slot is a piece I cut from my Cameo that is for purchase at the Silhouette store.  I attached it to a blank grid card and tucked my photo in between some of the rows of chevron.  The right side is a cut I made myself.

and a close up.

A few shots from the Dinosaur bone dig, so cute!

And the last slot was from Saturday, we had a nice BBQ with family that I shared on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello warm weather

It hit the 90's this past weekend.  It was awesome, it was sunny and it was hot!  It's amazing how it can go from being Winter to being Summer overnight.  That's one thing about living in California, we pretty much have two seasons, Winter and Summer.  Spring and Fall blend into the others and we don't have the same changes that others in the country have. 

We got the backyard prepped and spent most of Saturday and Sunday outside. 

 We even turned the AC on. 

The Swackett app told me what I already knew, it was a hot one!

We busted out the tropical cocktails, Mai Tai's for everyone (except Simone)

Larry broke in his new smoker, yummy dinner for everyone.

After dinner cigars

and turns looking at Venus.

The pool lights look so awesome at dusk.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday, Simone and I spent the whole day poolside and I loved soaking up the sun, with SPF 30 or course.

Were supposed to get some rain this week and the breeze has picked up but this early taste of summer sure has me wanting more!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dinosaur Bones

The weather is quickly improving in our neck of the wood allowing for lots of time outside in the backyard planting veggies, herbs and flower seeds as well as weeding, installing lights on the BBQ island and getting the pool ready for the quickly approaching summer. 

Simone has taken to digging in the area around our fire pit and informed us that she was digging for dinosaur bones and for gold.  I guess watching Gold Rush Alaska has rubbed off on the girl. 

She spent quite a few hours out there playing the other day so Larry decided to set out for some bones to bury for her since gold is not in our budget.  After a trip down the $1.00 section at Target he came home with a shovel, a rake, a sand castle bucket and some dog treats.  Hey she's only 4 she'll believe it right?

While I was out running errands Larry buried the 7 bones around the fire pit while she was occupied. He took her outside with his stud finder because he told her it would tell him if there was something buried. He made it beep at the appropriate spots and marked an arrow with chalk along the edge of the fire pit and let her go.

She had the best time and loved every minute.

Of course when I got home and she told me what she had done and was super excited about her day digging for bones.  When she got to the part of the story and showed me the bones she said, "Mommy I don't think these are dinosaur bones, these look like dog bones."  She may be 4 but she's no push over.

Oh and one last photo of Larry's handy work installing lights around our BBQ island.  Can't wait for the first night outside. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project Life - Week 15

Time to tackle Easter!  I really thought I was going to do an insert for this weeks pages to handle all the Easter photos and decided to complete everthing else before I started working on it.  When I finished I realized I didn't want an insert laying on top of the right side pages so I opted to do a flip up instead.  It was my first time doing one and I liked the result.  It allowed me to add more photos but didn't detract from the rest of the spread.  I really loved the right side and was aftraid it would ruin the flow if I covered it up.

Anyway, here is the full spread and the close up of the left side.

A left over Peep from the banner I made for the title page.  I sprayed it with Studio Calico Shine spray but it's hard to see in this photo.

Here is the slot for Sunday and the flip up.

I used these pockets for the flip up after seeing Mary Ann Perry use them in her Project Life album.  I had to trim the adhesive part to fit the way I wanted it too.  The slot on the flip up is larger than 6 x 4 so there will always be some overhang that you can't avoid.  By trimming down the adhesive strip I was able to line it up the way I wanted so that it wouldn't be off center and the cards would match up.

I made two 6 x 4 collages of the extra photos I wanted to included and left a slot of each template empty so I could add some journaling.  A great way to add a lot of additional photos.

These two slots were of some project life prep I did earlier last week.

One of the photo a day prompts was a photo of a younger you and I found this one.  I love it so it went in this week.  I still have the dress I'm wearing, a crocheted jumper I believe my mom made.  I need to dig it out so Simone can wear it.
The other slot is that super yummy recipe I shared last Friday.  I was worthy or a mention this week it was that good.  The card was a freebie I found on you guessed it, Pinterest.

Did you hear Facebook bought my beloved Instagram for $1 Billion.  It appeared on my facebook wall so I had to comment and thankfully snapped a screen shot. 
As you will see throughout this week, I'm now addicted to the Studio Calico wood veneer's.

A cute shot from Space Week at school.

Here is the right side.
Some photos of a wall at the Secretary of State's office in Sacramento.  I decorated the page with Washi tape and a Smash calendar Washi lable.

We had some crazy weather this past week so I added a photo and some weather app screen captures.

Some texts from Larry while he was caught in the downpours and a photo of the cute Coke cans, love this little heart graphic.  The banner card is from the Note to Self paper sheet.  I used my craft knife to cut out the banners so I could slip the photo under them.

A cute photo about my girl taking my pens and more veneers.  The right is a photo from Saturday on my way to Berkeley.

I used the bottom two slots to show photos from the classes at Scrapbook Territory on Saturday.  I added more veneer and loved the way this came out.

Here's a look at the two bottom slots together. I'm glad I opted not to use an insert, I like that it's not partially covered up.

Thanks for stopping by!