Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project Life - Week 13

Before I get into this weeks Project Life pages I wanted to let you all know I've added a function over on the right side where you can follow me by email.  If you enter your email address in the "Follow by Email" box you will receive and email every time I update the blog.  If you don't want to have to check each day or if you're not using a RSS Reader this makes it easy to stay on top of any new posts. 

Now, on to Project Life Week 13, and the end of March.  I cannot believe we are already into April, the months are certainly ticking by.

Here's a look at this weeks spread.  Lot's of spring colors and garlands this week.

I made the title card this week using a digital chevron paper.  I wanted it to be pink and green so I just recolored every other strip so it would be alternate.  The label is digital as well, I did stamp the dates on after I printed it out on card stock.  The banner is from the Dear Lizzy line.  I've used it before for this project.

I also did a lot of collages this week.  Here is the first one showing some of the Easter decorations we put up this past week.  The garland on this slot is digital.

My favorite show Mad Men finally started up again.  I added a picture announcing the return that I found online.

The other slot is a picture I took of some pretty flowers outside our gym.

My sister in law had another follow-up regarding her hand surgery, so of course we were total goofballs while we waited and took funny pictures.

The other shot is of me after I got my haircut this past week.

Simone has been all about eating and loving her food lately.  I took these shots while she was enjoying some ribs one night.

We had some friends visit this past week for a few days.  They wanted to take us out to dinner so we went to a local spot.  The restaurant has the most amazing murals on the wall.

Here's the right side.

Lots of Easter fun at school this past week.  The kids had share day and had their Easter Egg hunt.  They are out this week for Spring break that's why they did it so early.

One of our friends that came to visit went through the process to get her Italian citizenship, this slot talks about that and a little celebration dinner we had.  I used one of Cathy Zielske's journal cards but still wanted to add photos.  I placed them where the journaling was supposed to go and kept the words over to the side.  I like the way it turned out, different that anything I've done in the past.

These slots were quick and easy, showing a few shots that I liked from the week.

These two slots were the same day.  I made my canvas large and planned where I would cut it down the middle and spaced my journaling accordingly.  I stamped the Friday and the date on after with StazOn Ink which works well on photo paper.

Simone being a total goof.

Saturday we went to one of Simone's classmates birthday parties.  It was one of the liveliest kid parties I've ever been too.  They have a huge family and we were the only non-family people their.  They sure know how to party!

I really wanted to keep it simple this week, it was nice to just showcase some of the everyday moments vs. last weeks theme heavy pages.  I do enjoy keeping it real and making it easy for myself.  Simple is good and I don't want to stress myself out thinking every week has to be epic and amazingly original.  It's all about balance right.


  1. I really enjoy looking at Project Life posts, and yours is no exception :) I love how simple and clean yours is! Simple IS good and I like that you've captured everyday moments which would be awesome to look back on.

  2. Pretty PL post!! And pretty blog too! :) :). I love your journaling and the efforts you've made with your PL! :) Doesn't life feel more meaningful when it's recorded??

  3. lovely week!! I really love the little triangle banner.