Friday, April 27, 2012

Five on Friday

Okay, I'm so late, I almost totally forgot to post today, here's another edition of Five on Friday

1.  I subbed twice this past week at preschool, one day for the 4 year olds and one day in Simone's class.  The four year olds are all so cute and since this is the third time I've been in their class they know me now so they are super friendly and lots of fun to be around.  I happened to be in Simone's class for Share Day.  It was a blast listening to them them talk about the item they brought in.  It's also really fun watching Simone interact with her friends and be a 4 year old.

2.  I got a super cool new app called GifRus, it works great with Instagram.

3.  I bought a new book this week, it's supposed to be super funny.  Can't wait to start it.  I may wait for a trip I'm taking next month but we'll see.

4.  Making sock puppets is super fun.

5.  So is Red Velvet Ice Cream.

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