Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project Life - Week 15

Time to tackle Easter!  I really thought I was going to do an insert for this weeks pages to handle all the Easter photos and decided to complete everthing else before I started working on it.  When I finished I realized I didn't want an insert laying on top of the right side pages so I opted to do a flip up instead.  It was my first time doing one and I liked the result.  It allowed me to add more photos but didn't detract from the rest of the spread.  I really loved the right side and was aftraid it would ruin the flow if I covered it up.

Anyway, here is the full spread and the close up of the left side.

A left over Peep from the banner I made for the title page.  I sprayed it with Studio Calico Shine spray but it's hard to see in this photo.

Here is the slot for Sunday and the flip up.

I used these pockets for the flip up after seeing Mary Ann Perry use them in her Project Life album.  I had to trim the adhesive part to fit the way I wanted it too.  The slot on the flip up is larger than 6 x 4 so there will always be some overhang that you can't avoid.  By trimming down the adhesive strip I was able to line it up the way I wanted so that it wouldn't be off center and the cards would match up.

I made two 6 x 4 collages of the extra photos I wanted to included and left a slot of each template empty so I could add some journaling.  A great way to add a lot of additional photos.

These two slots were of some project life prep I did earlier last week.

One of the photo a day prompts was a photo of a younger you and I found this one.  I love it so it went in this week.  I still have the dress I'm wearing, a crocheted jumper I believe my mom made.  I need to dig it out so Simone can wear it.
The other slot is that super yummy recipe I shared last Friday.  I was worthy or a mention this week it was that good.  The card was a freebie I found on you guessed it, Pinterest.

Did you hear Facebook bought my beloved Instagram for $1 Billion.  It appeared on my facebook wall so I had to comment and thankfully snapped a screen shot. 
As you will see throughout this week, I'm now addicted to the Studio Calico wood veneer's.

A cute shot from Space Week at school.

Here is the right side.
Some photos of a wall at the Secretary of State's office in Sacramento.  I decorated the page with Washi tape and a Smash calendar Washi lable.

We had some crazy weather this past week so I added a photo and some weather app screen captures.

Some texts from Larry while he was caught in the downpours and a photo of the cute Coke cans, love this little heart graphic.  The banner card is from the Note to Self paper sheet.  I used my craft knife to cut out the banners so I could slip the photo under them.

A cute photo about my girl taking my pens and more veneers.  The right is a photo from Saturday on my way to Berkeley.

I used the bottom two slots to show photos from the classes at Scrapbook Territory on Saturday.  I added more veneer and loved the way this came out.

Here's a look at the two bottom slots together. I'm glad I opted not to use an insert, I like that it's not partially covered up.

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