Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh Saturday, I didn't want you to end...

I had the best day ever on Saturday.  I woke up early, packed my bag and was out the door by 8:20am headed to Berkeley for some scrapbooking classes.  When I heard a few months ago that Kelly Purkey was going to be teaching classes at Scrapbook Territory I knew I had to go.  I really miss that store and used to go there a lot when I still lived in the Bay Area.  Being 90 miles away now makes frequent trips a bit difficult. 

Fortunately the weather cleared and the day was crystal clear and blue, the best kind of days in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I took this shot at a pit stop at the top of the hill just before you hit Vallejo.

The classes didn't start until 10:30am but I was early so I was lucky enough to find a great legal street parking spot with no meter!  Woo Hoo!  If you know the 4th Street Berkeley area parking is tough as this is a super busy shopping area on the weekends. 

When I arrived at the store and checked in I found out that because I signed up early I got a 20% off coupon!  Yay me!

Here's Kelly showing us one of the layouts we would make during the first class.  She's even cuter in person and was such a lovely person.  It was super fun picking her brain and hearing what she has coing up soon for Studio Calico.

Here is some misting we played with and a phrase from one of her stamp sets that I love.  I've never misted before so by the time the second class rolled around I told her she had turned me into a misting machine and I left with 4 new bottles of mist.

Here's a picture of she and I.  Everyone was taking pictures with her and I felt so bad asking but come on when would I ever get the chance again right.

For lunch I walked down to an old favorite spot Manhattan Bagel and picked up a Chicken Salad bagel sandwich.  So yummy.  I used to work on 4th Street a few years ago and miss being walking distance from their yummy bagels.  I wish they had the Spinach and Asiago bagels but they were out.

For the second class we made a super cute album and don't be surprised if Oh Snap! Starts appearing regularly on the blog, love this so much!  How cute is that "that's what she said" stamp, dying!

After the class was over I met up with a dear friend for dinner and some catch up time.  I cannot believe I did not take one photo with her.  I had my phone put away so we could talk so it just never happened.  The only time I took my phone out was to teach her about Instagram, she has an Android so she's officially on board.

One of the coolest things about Saturday was being able to meet a few Instagram friends that I only knew through their photos.  It was just so awesome, you really feel like you know them and when you meet them in person you realize you totally do!  I was telling my friend last night that as I've gotten older I feel its been harder for me to put myself out there and meet knew people.  Sharing myself and my life with people online has been a wonderful way to meet folks that have common interests.  I also had a chance to meet two super sweet girls from the Studio Calico board and happily we live near each other so hopefully we'll be able to get together soon. 

I hope you have a chance one day to take a class from Kelly or anyone else that you admire for that matter.  It really is inspiring to be around people that make a living doing what they love.  Learning from them is so empowering, it makes me feel that I can do anything and enourages me to try new things and never to stop learning.


  1. I am so jealous! This looks like an awesome class!

  2. Wow! So super jealous. I wonder if she ever teaches overseas? I love Berkeley... We spent a few days there staying with a very dear friend in 2009. Such a lovely part of the world.