Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

I'm sorry I didn't get a post up this past Friday.  I was very busy having fun with my sister in law and my niece the end of last week and the days got away from me and before I knew it it was Saturday and the day before Easter. 

The normal Easter festivities occurred, shopping for Easter basket contents which seemed to be spread out over a few weeks as I found cute things to include and of course dyeing eggs.  I wanted to use the KoolAid method I had seen on Pinterest but decided just to use the Paas pellets instead. 

Simone could not wait to dye her eggs, she bugged us about it so much she almost missed out on a day trip to Daffodil Hill this past Friday.  She pulled it together enough to go but boy, the minute we walked through the front door she was asking about the eggs.  Needless to say we dyed them right away.  She did them all herself and had a fun time.  No drawing or coloring or anything extra this year.  Just dunking and watching the colors unfold.

Saturday was an easy day, Larry went to help Mark at the boat so Simone and I ran a few errands including a shopping trip to pick out a special Easter Dress.  We took 5 dresses into the dressing room and we tried each one on which was a first for us.  Usually I just pick something out and bring it home.  This time she was adamant that she was going to pick but of course a few that I liked made their way into the dressing room too.  In the end she picked the one she liked from the very beginning and I was just so-so on her choice.  I wasn't sure it was Eastery enough but as it turned out it was super cute and looked really cute on her too.

We decided to celebrate Easter this year with a brunch instead of dinner.  We were expecting a really nice day and wanted to enjoy some time outside.  Everyone did their own thing as far as church went in the morning and everyone came over around Noon.  Larry made homemade croissants and we planned to serve them as a base for his super yummy Eggs Benedict.  We got a spiral sliced ham at Costco and he made his yummy Lemon Hollandaise Sauce.  It was interesting serving 11 people Eggs Benedict at the same time but we managed with an assembly line approach while everyone visited and drank Mimosa's.

After brunch had settled a bit we let Simone hunt her eggs in the back yard.  She was really excited and called out whenever she found one.  Her cousins even helped out a bit at the end.  She had a blast opening her plastic eggs and there were a few goodies inside as well as some candy.

Here is the day in photos;

Simone's Easter basket and surprises ready for when she wakes up

Larry needed a lot of eggs!

One of the trays of Larry's Eggs Benedict and Mary's potato casserole

Eggs were even hidden under some things too

Some were up high

After the hunt, in her really cute dress!

Starburst Jelly Beans are the best!

The day ended like they all do lately, everyone on their iPhone's and iPad's playing Draw Something.  Simone is really good at drawing pictures, here she drew Wicked for one of Mary's games.

The kids left around 4:00pm to go see a movie and Mary, Mark and Delaine stuck around until 7ish watching great Easter movies on TV.  It was a super relaxing and lovely day.  I hope you had a lovely day too.

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