Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello warm weather

It hit the 90's this past weekend.  It was awesome, it was sunny and it was hot!  It's amazing how it can go from being Winter to being Summer overnight.  That's one thing about living in California, we pretty much have two seasons, Winter and Summer.  Spring and Fall blend into the others and we don't have the same changes that others in the country have. 

We got the backyard prepped and spent most of Saturday and Sunday outside. 

 We even turned the AC on. 

The Swackett app told me what I already knew, it was a hot one!

We busted out the tropical cocktails, Mai Tai's for everyone (except Simone)

Larry broke in his new smoker, yummy dinner for everyone.

After dinner cigars

and turns looking at Venus.

The pool lights look so awesome at dusk.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday, Simone and I spent the whole day poolside and I loved soaking up the sun, with SPF 30 or course.

Were supposed to get some rain this week and the breeze has picked up but this early taste of summer sure has me wanting more!

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  1. uummmm totally jealous, every bit of this looks amazing! were under a freeze warning here in ohio right now!