Friday, April 20, 2012

Dinosaur Bones

The weather is quickly improving in our neck of the wood allowing for lots of time outside in the backyard planting veggies, herbs and flower seeds as well as weeding, installing lights on the BBQ island and getting the pool ready for the quickly approaching summer. 

Simone has taken to digging in the area around our fire pit and informed us that she was digging for dinosaur bones and for gold.  I guess watching Gold Rush Alaska has rubbed off on the girl. 

She spent quite a few hours out there playing the other day so Larry decided to set out for some bones to bury for her since gold is not in our budget.  After a trip down the $1.00 section at Target he came home with a shovel, a rake, a sand castle bucket and some dog treats.  Hey she's only 4 she'll believe it right?

While I was out running errands Larry buried the 7 bones around the fire pit while she was occupied. He took her outside with his stud finder because he told her it would tell him if there was something buried. He made it beep at the appropriate spots and marked an arrow with chalk along the edge of the fire pit and let her go.

She had the best time and loved every minute.

Of course when I got home and she told me what she had done and was super excited about her day digging for bones.  When she got to the part of the story and showed me the bones she said, "Mommy I don't think these are dinosaur bones, these look like dog bones."  She may be 4 but she's no push over.

Oh and one last photo of Larry's handy work installing lights around our BBQ island.  Can't wait for the first night outside. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. oh what a great story!! so very fun and i love the lights!!

  2. Very bright little girl. You go Simone.
    Love the lights. Good job Larry.

    Hugs, :-)