Friday, June 1, 2012


Warning: Photo Heavy Post

It's always nice when your kid has a day off from school and you can take impromptu trips to amazing places like Yosemite.  We are lucky to have such and amazing place so very close to home and no school this past Tuesday.

The morning started off like most do; coffee and emails for us and cartoons for Simone.  Thankfully Larry was feeling antsy that day and decided to look up a place he has been dying for us to visit.  The Evergreen Lodge is located just outside of Yosemite and he has been lucky enough to stay on two separate occasions while on his annual motorcycle trip.  He has raved about this place for two years and on a lark they happened to be offering a discount on rooms.  Having secured a room we kicked it into high gear; ate, showered, packed, packed a picnic lunch and were on our way by 10:00am.

I had no idea what to expect, other than this place had indoor plumbing so I knew I would be okay.  I'm not the "lets rough it" type like he is, this lady requires indoor plumbing!

This lady on the other hand requires on board entertainment and thankfully our ride comes equipped with a DVD player.

We got the the lodge early around 1:00pm and our room wasn't ready yet so we drove down a few miles to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir, had our picnic and checked out the scenery.  It was my first time seeing it and I loved it.  Simone loved it too, especially when she and Larry walked through the tunnel you can see in the photo below.  She saw a frog so to her that was awesome!

We drove back to the lodge when we were done but it still wasn't check in time (3:30pm) and our room wasn't ready so we walked around and hung out for awhile.  This place was AMAZING!  Larry was right when he said we would love it.  It's a large resort, all individual sleeping cabins and they even have a camping area all set up with tents and cots if you want to go that route.

This is the back side of the Activity Center and the fireplace was amazing.  At night they do s'mores for anyone that wants to help themselves.

We enjoyed some libations on the patio while Simone played in one of the near by play areas.

There are also ping pong tables set up and a complete rec center with even more activities.

In the kids play area they had these super cute tee-pees.

This cabin comes with a lovely hammock to enjoy.

Our cabin was a family cabin (the one on the left, L13).  It had a queen size bed, bunkbeds, a nice sitting area, satelitte radio (no TV's at this joint) and a Keurig coffee pot.  Oh and yes the beloved indoor plumbing.

I bet you'll never guess who loved the buckbeds...

I love that there were no TV's in the rooms I just wish I had planned better and brought a book or some magazines for the evening.  I did bring my ipad so Simone happily watched a movie up in her bunkbed that night.  There were also a few games in the room which was nice.  There is also no cell service at the resort but they have phones for you to use as needed and there is Wifi in the Activity Center so I was able to get connected that way.

There is a restaurant on site and we ate dinner and breakfast there.  The food is top notch and the service is fantastic.  They also just added a pool and hot tub which was amazing as well.  I'm bummed we didn't know about this the weather was perfect for swimming.  It had just opened the week before we arrived so it wasn't there the last time Larry stayed.  I definately want to go back for a longer visit very soon.  This girl was very impressed!  Indoor plumbing and all!

Wednesday morning after breakfast we packed up the car and drove into Yosemite.  We stopped at a vista point to take in the view and say hi to Half Dome.

I tried my best not to have a heart-attack watching her climb.  Momma has a mean fear of heights and this just about sent me into a full blown panic.

She is just like Dad.

We stopped again by a stream, if you look really closely you can see gold.  Man o man, it was just begging to be panned!

Oh and the good.

Our first stop in the Valley was at Bridalveil Falls.  The best pictures were found in the parking lot. The viewing area at the base was way to misty to get a good shot.

Yep, a climber just like Dad!

As we drove on we got to see El Capitan.  The weather was perfect, so blue and clear.  We didn't see any climbers though.

Yosemite Falls

I snapped most of the shots but Ansel Larry wanted to try this angle, he was right, it's amazing!

Yosemite Falls through the trees.

We drove over to the Ahwahnee Hotel for a look around.  I hadn't been there in years so it was nice to see it again.  I want to come back some day and stay in that room right there with the green awning.  Instead of staying, we had a lovely over-priced beverage on the patio and enjoyed the sun and the amazing view.

I just love how they have kept it so homey without being too pretentious.

We did stop on our way out of the park, Simone as hungry so we sat on a bench and had a little picnic.  She cried the whole way out of the park, she wanted to stay, and by stay I mean at the Ahwahnee Hotel.  Sister's no dummy, she likes indoor plumbing too, especially the fancy kind.


  1. this is gorgeous. i love the lodge were you stayed. my girls would have a field day there. i'm always on the hunt for new places to visit:)

    1. Michele, its such a family friendly place, I do hope you make it there soon.

  2. I live in Bakersfield, CA and never visited the park till last year and It was gorgeous and I had such great pics. Did you know you can get a national parks passport book and at each park they have several cancelation stations similar to a passport. Since I have visited 10 national parks and last weekend visited the sequoias. Soo pretty those huge redwoods. REally love it. I am gonna go back and stay at that lodge.

    1. Cindy,
      The passport sounds awesome! I'll have to remember that for our next trip. My daughter would love that. I hope you do make it to Evergreen, it's such an awesome place.