Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching Up

It feels like its been forever since I shared any layouts here.  I finally had a chance to sit down for a few hours and get some done and this past Saturday and I finished fourteen, which is a lot.  Some took more time than others but it was nice to check some stuff off my list.  These were all for Simone's book which I was really behind on and they are all done digitally.  The good thing is I'm now caught up to September 2011 in both the family book and Simone's book.  Yes, I'm behind but at least I'm catching up.  I have quite a few to send off for printing now which is always a good feeling.  If you are looking for an amazing photo processor especially for scrapbook layouts I use this company, they are top notch and do an amazing job.

This layout comes from a very early blog post that I wrote about how Simone loved to help fix her own breakfast.  She doesn't do that anymore, she prefers to be waited on now...

A fun Easter party for her class

Easter morning and day

I started to notice that Simone was pronouncing some words the correct way one day and I wanted to document a few that I had come to miss. 

Our little flower girl

Swim lessons

These pictures were too good not to scrap

Someone loves our new pool

Disneyland with her cousins

Some more photos too good not to scrap

I hope to continue plowing through my list.  The last half of the year is always filled with activities so I really don't want to keep getting more behind.  Hopefully I'll have some more to share very soon.


  1. Super cute, I love the fun in the tub layout.

  2. This is just wonderful. Have to show it to Glenda so she can do one for Liliana. Even though my kids are 29 & 33 I still remember some of those words they used to say. The funniest being breasts. Lizzy called them barrets. Adam wanted to eat greckerist every morning.

  3. Great LO's! It must feel good to catch up...I don't know that feeling.... ;)