Friday, June 22, 2012

Five on Friday

Friday already, this week is flying by.

1.  Our amazing hot, swim weather has been exchanged for windy cool mid-70's which I realize for some is hot but for us, its rather cool. Especially this time of year and especially on the first day of summer this past Thursday.

2.  I made my first mess on my new work space this past Tuesday and I loved it.  Standing and working was awesome, so much easier that sitting cramped in a tiny bit of desk space.

3.  Shocking but somehow I've managed to acquire 200 followers on Instagram.  Thanks everyone for wanting to look at my pictures.

4.  My stupid printer has broken for the 2nd time in a year and my fairly new mouse and keyboard have also crapped out.  I'm using the keyboard and mouse right now to write this post and its totally annoying.  I have to repair the wireless connection after about every 2nd sentence.  Stupid thing!  Thankfully the printer came with a 5 year warranty so they can keep sending me printers every time it breaks and the keyboard and mouse came with a 3 year warranty, Crazy!  Replacements for both are en route and will be here next week.

5. I stopped by Nothing Bundt Cake yesterday when I was in Roseville.  They have a seasonal Lemon Cake right now that we love.  This ought to keep us busy for the weekend!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  We'll be hanging in doors it appears.


  1. Oh that cake looks SO awesome! I had a week of my electrical stuff going haywire I was about to pass out lol.. Glad you have no goods on the way! Happy Weekend to you.