Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project Life - Week 24

Another week in the can, I cannot believe we are almost to the half way point of the year.  Crazy!
Surprisingly I didn't have a lot to choose from this week, I think I had the least amount of pictures for this week so far this year. It ended up working out.  Oh and there may just be a freebie this week...!

Here is the full spread

and the left side

As usual, this spot was done last and I had no idea what to do.  I knew I needed to balance out some of the pink on the right hand side so I started with the cute pink Amy Tangerine paper.  I had purchased the Studio Calico veneer frames recently so I pulled those out.  I cut a piece of white paper to fit behind but that wasn't right so I went fishing for a scrap and came up with the gray paper that I love.  I added the veneer people to represent us and done.  I think this is my new favorite title card.  Love!

Who knew that the In-N-Out burger wrappers would fit perfectly into the 6x4 slots...

I had some really great pictures so I decided to put them inside on a little pull out.  In case you can't read it here is the journaling:

Larry was finishing up the last bits of work on my cabinet and Simone wanted to have lunch at the place with the yellow check mark. We had no idea what she was talking about until she drew a picture of it. Smart girl, that’s exactly what the logo looks like.

My stamps arrived for the July Studio Calico Summer Stamp School so I snapped a shot and put it on Instagram and Twitter.  Studio Calico RT'd my comment and photo.  Awesome!

Monday Larry painted my new cabinet, he had to set up his tall ladder to reach the backside.  Love that he can turn any idea I have into a reality!

The other slot was a photo I took while I was in the pool with my phone.  It was for the photo a day prompt, 'from a low angle'.  Risky move but worth it.  The tag is from the new Elle's Studio summer line.

Monday I took Simone out while Larry was painting to see the new Madagascar movie.  We have been cracking up and signing along to the Circus Afro song from the trailer so it seemed appropriate to put in in here.  Click on the QR code if you can, so funny!  I stamped the background on this slot with the stars border that came in the Epic Stamp set from Studio Calico, the Laugh out Loud is from that set as well.

Happy mail from both Birchbox and My Glam bag in the same day!

Here's a look at the right side

Some shots I've already posted for my move in to the new space.

My favorite photo from Father's Day at preschool.

She loves to play in my jewelry box and found some of her baby bracelets.  She can't quite say jewelery so it comes out jewelee.

I saw that sign out at the mall, I had to take a photo.

The glitter sign inspired me to make something for my new craft space so I made myself a Keep Calm sign.  I posted it on Instagram and offered it to anyone that emailed me.  If you would like a copy too, I'll post the link below.

We had our first super hot day on Saturday!

My nephew graduated from High School on Friday.  I'm so sorry we weren't there to see it.  I cannot believe he's off to college in the fall.  Time is whizzing by!

Saturday I took off for a bit for a mani pedi and couldn't resist the neon trend any longer.  I'm officially hooked.  Simone is bummed she didn't get hers done too so I'll have to pick some up and paint her nails too.  I used Zing Neon Pink embossing powder here on the stamping.  I believe its discontinued but you might be able to find some out there.

So if you would like a copy of my Keep Calm sign, you can find it here.  Enjoy!