Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project Life - Week 25

I was finally able to document Father's Day, our great day and night up in Tahoe.  I opted not to make an insert and just give more slots to our day.  I love the way it came out.
Here's the full spread and the left side.

I actually placed this piece in last week so I would remember to use it and I'm glad I did I had been thinking about doing something else because I had forgotten about it.  It was the envelope for the card Simone gave Daddy for Father's Day.  I just cut it out to 6 x 4 and slide it in.  The veneer Remember is new from Studio Calico the veneer people are from them as well.  I inked them to color them with Jenni Bowlin chalk ink edgers.

Here are some photos of the morning and the gift we gave Dad.  The back of the key chain has the birthdates of his three kids engraved on it. 

I'm going to show these two together because the photo booth photos carried over to both slots.  I really wanted to keep it in a strip as much as I could so I just cut thru the middle to line them up on the two slots.  We took these photos at the arcade at Harvey's.  Simone has wanted to do it for awhile, it's always fun to get in a photo booth but a little cramped for three.  The other slot on top was of our road trip to Tahoe and the bottom is my favorite shot of Simone from that day.

A really great photo of Simone and Larry playing on the beach and one of him with his yummy sandwich. 

I really wanted to tell the story of the trip so I added a double sided journaling card, you can see the tab above and slipped it in the little bag that I used as a pocket.  I attached the bag directly to the protector so I could get at the pull out. 

Some shots from Tuesday of my mess and the awesome shelf Larry made for my Cameo to pull out.

Here is the right side

The First Day of Summer deserved a mention and some sunflowers!

A few shots from my day of running errands last Thursday.  What a deal, only $3.7495 per gallon for gas...!

I found some awesome chair cushions for our backyard barstools, they fit perfectly.  I also did some shopping at Trader Joe's and I now know to always ask them for stickers, they have some really awesome ones for summer.  Two sets were scratch and sniff so I added one to the outside of the protector so you can scratch and sniff!

A screen shot of my now 200 followers, wow!  The other slot is of Simone chair dancing to our song of the summer.  The QR code leads to the music video.

Some shots from Friday of Simone and Grandma and a clock I cut for her with my Cameo.  She's expressed interest in learning to tell time so I made it so the hands move.

Saturday morning we had McD's for breakfast and on my way there I spotted a firework stand all set up, can't believe it's almost July already.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked my week!


  1. such happy memories! great spread!

  2. I love your Project Life pages so much!