Friday, June 15, 2012

Construction Project - Part 2

Well the construction project is humming along quite nicely!  Larry painted the cabinet for me on Monday and luckily we had just enough of our left over touch up paint to cover it all. 

It came out great and really blended in so well with the house.  My sister in law saw it yesterday and thought it had been there the whole time.  Kudos to Larry and his awesome carpentry and electrical skills!

He added some trim to finish it all off.

Here is a look from the backside.  The backsplash will be perfect to keep stuff from falling over.

I wanted to make sure the paint had plenty of time to cure before I loaded anything in so I waited until yesterday to do that.

Here is a look at the shelves with my stuff placed in.  I still have some more organizing and fiddling around with where everything is, but for now it's all there.  I figure I'll live with it awhile to decide how I work in the space and see what needs to be changed.  For now it's awesome and I love it.

Here's a closer look at the shelves.  Over on the right had side on the top shelf (close to my computer) is where my Cameo will live.  Larry is going to build a pull out shelf for me so I can just pull it out and cut and slide it back in.  Right now I have to move things around on my desk to use it so I really want it hooked up and ready to go whenever I want to make a cut.  I'll be sure to post a picture when that's all set up.

On the top right of counter I set up a light, my radio and my Harbor Freight revolving storage trays.  Having that outlet there sure was a great idea.  My light has an extra outlet in it for when I want to use any other tools which is nice.

The left side has my Project Life album, a making memories lazy Susan and my paper trimmer.

I placed down a cutting mat that I had and plan to use this as my work surface for now.  I read on line that some folks use oven liners to work on since they can handle the heat, they are also non stick so I may pick one up so I can emboss right on the top of the counter.

We had someone give an estimate to tile the floor and it was ridiculously high.  We need to figure out where to proceed on that.  Larry may just end up doing it himself but we need to either buy or rent a tile saw, since he doesn't own one.

I also need to find a new light fixture and I need to figure out the window covering situation.  This is an older photo from this blog post on my previous work space organization, but as you can see from this picture, the windows over my desk face East, so I have major sun issues in the late afternoon.  They are also tall and narrow with a slight arch which translates to custom or expensive however you want to look at it.  Any suggestions would be happily accepted.

I'll be sure to keep you posted as we finish the last little bits of my project.  I'm just so happy with how this whole thing turned out.

We are planning a fun Father's Day here so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  See you back on Monday for a recap on that.


  1. this looks so awesome barbara! i agree with you that working in the space for awhile will help you decide how best to organize your stuff. totally inspires me to reorganize my space too:)

  2. Amazing work Larry. Great design.

  3. Amazing cabinet! It blends in perfectly!