Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Project Life - Week 26

Were half way there!  The year is officially half over, crazy.  Lots of normal this week, and some awesome house guests.

Here is the full spread

and the left side

The elements for the title card are all from Amy Tangerine, love the water color look.

Last Sunday I took a trip to Ikea, crazy place to be on a Sunday for sure.

Our weather outlook for the week wasn't that great but luckily it improved towards the end of the week.

The other slot of some awesome Studio Calico announcements was all washi tape, I just laid rows down on a blank card.  Totally love this look.  Thanks Amy Tangerine for the inspo.

A few photos of Simone for these slots, love the hand photo that I emailed my mom.

Monday our nephew came to visit with his girlfriend and her family for an overnight.  It was awesome having them, they are a wonderful family.

Have you seen this new show?  It just started this past week and I like it.  Its always fun to see what people come up with under pressure.  I don't think I have what it takes to think quickly that way but its a fun show to watch.

Here is the right side

A few shots from an errand day on Wednesday.

Simone's last day of school that I talked about already.  I made a little flip up, this time I didn't use the protector, I may put it in one when next weeks layout is done but we'll see.

Here's the inside

A shot of the dessert I made for Simone's school potluck and a little shot announcing the start of the new season of my favorite summer show, just two more weeks!

I slipped the recipe behind

A fun shot of me laying out at the pool, and a slot about the day Instagram went down.  A dark day for sure, LOL!

A shot of my second pair of these amazing flip flops, do your feet a favor and buy a pair.

Out of the blue Simone announced she wanted a magician set.  Larry picked one up for her and she had a blast playing with it. Larry did a good job teaching her how to do all the tricks.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

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