Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project Life - Week 28

Wow, what a hard week for me this week.  I didn't like anything I did and found myself re-doing a few slots because I hated it so much.  I've never struggled so much with this project, I guess I just lost my mojo this week. 

Here's a look at the whole spread

and the left side

This is the 4th title card I made, the others were crap and had to be discarded.  It ended up being super simple, had nothing to do with the other slots and I love it.  I'm now officially pinwheel obsessed, you've been warned!

A slot for our adventures last Sunday.  I need to make a pull out to add some journaling, I never feel like I write enough and I know looking back later I'll be like now why did we do this?  I think I'll make a little pull our for behind one of the photos.

I loved this photo from Tahoe and opted not to use the Instagram version because I wanted it to fill the whole slot.  I replicated what I did on the Instargram upload and added the digital version of Kelly Purkey's geotag stamp.  I love this and know I'll use it over an over again. The other slot is a new favorite photo. Simone won the pink dolphin at the arcade in Tahoe. When we got home Monday we got right in the pool and this shot was a very happy accident. The light and sparkle is totally natural and not added by me. I love that I can see her swimming under the water like a mermaid.

Another Kelly Purkey digital element that came with the stamp and another card that was done three times and discarded until I made this one.  I had used the stamp as it was but it wasn't coming out right. I wanted it bigger so I used the digital version.  I love how it turned out in the end.  The other slot was a shot from my Costco run the same day.

I kind of felt like a total stalker getting up at 6am to buy stamps, so I had to include that little story. 

Simone and me at the Little Mermaid show.  I wish the photos weren't so grainy but I love them anyway.

A look at the right side

Simone turned a little hat box into a drum and she's still playing with it.  Larry thought I had made it for her but nope she did it all on her own.  Love that about her, super creative!

My Studio Calico kits, so much this month, way too much I think!

It was so hot last week, ugh!  We also switched carriers as you know and I wanted to use a piece of their literature but cut it wrong so I had to improvise.  I got the logo online and decided to do a speed test and grab a screen capture, having fast Internet again is so nice!

Big Brother started, it seems to be starting off slow for me this year, I hope it gets a bit better.  The twists this year are very interesting for sure.  I ordered some stamps from Cocoa Daisy for the first time, I loved their backing cards and slipped one in.

Dinner out and an awesome fortune!

A slot about the Pirate Party.

So many struggles this week, I don't know if I was rushing or just trying to do too much.  Either way I'm glad its done, lets hope next week is a bit better for me!

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