Friday, July 6, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Well how was your 4th...?  Ours was super low key, I mean super low key.  We had a super small group (us 3 and my MIL, SIL, BIL) but it was nice just hanging out and relaxing.  We spent some time in the pool, had some BBQ and lit off some safe and sane (i.e. super small and lackluster but still fun) fireworks.  Here are some photos from the day

Me messing around with photo apps.

Simone wanted to display the fireworks so I could take a picture

She was a bit afraid at first but towards the end totally got into the sparklers.

The three of us at the end of the night because I didn't take any other shots of us.

2.  I saw this at the grocery store the other day and picked it up.  Simone and I both like it, super yummy and portion controlled.

3.  I snuck away yesterday to see this.  I loved it, plus the glasses were super cute!

4.  Becky Higgins wrote about this brush on her blog recently so I ordered two.  If you have a girl like mine who hates having her hair brushed buy this you won't be sorry, it works on wet and dry hair and glides right through.  It's also good for adults and boys too.  Seriously the best thing ever!

5.  I filled my last two CM albums today with the layouts I recently had printed.  I'm thinking of moving on to ring binder albums but its tough for me, I've used these for so long but the cost is just getting too high.  I'll keep you posted on what I move too.

We have a really great weekend ahead, Larry's son is coming to visit this weekend.  Can't wait to see him!  Hope you have an awesome weekend too!

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