Friday, July 20, 2012

Construction Project - Part 3 | My wheels are spinning freely!

I'm sitting at my desk and my chair is gliding effortlessly over my brand new tiled floor!  Larry's been working the past three days getting the floor done for me and its fantastic!

Here are some photos...

Day 1, he laid the cement board

Day 2, laying the first tile

the first row done

all in and drying

Day 3, grouting

Today, all dried and ready for me to roll around on.

It still needs one more polish that he is waiting to do as we speak and then he has to stretch the carpet back to position and tack it down.  I thought about putting in a transition but I think we'll see how this works for awhile and if I need one later we'll add one.

The curtains are next and will be tackled next month when my mom comes to visit!

For now though I'm going to enjoy my smooth and slick floor!

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