Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Project Life - Week 29

Well it appears my mojo came back, and by mojo I mean I didn't feel like I had to do anything over.  So I consider that a huge success!

Here's a look at the whole spread

and the left side up close

I've been wanting to do a Silhouette cut with the POW Glitter Paper for awhile and finally did one.  It cuts beautifully with no loose glitter everywhere!  It's a bit hard to see in the photo but it sparkles so nicely.

I just love the little tag that Kelly sent with her stamps, it was begging to be used so it happened.

Simone loves to lay on the hot concrete after swimming, it warms her right up. 

The photo prompt for the 16th was a sign, it really was a good sign.  The geotag was done digitally with the .png file Kelly sent with the stamps, I clipped a paper to it and added a hefty drop shadow.

My birchbox came this past week and I made a yummy peach crisp for dessert!

Simone took swim lessons this past week and did really well!

A cold front came through so it made for a chilly play date.  Simone's game was pretty cute though.

Here's the right side

I wanted to add a full size photo and this one totally worked.  Journaling is done right on the photo before printing. 

A few random shots from Thursday.

A trip to the movies for us girls and a screen grab of the coolest Swackett graphic I've seen yet.  I just matched the two up in photoshop and they fit together perfectly.  The fact that it was Star Trek just makes me smile.  We were totally Trekkie's in my house growing up.

I had to include this Instagram shot, not so much for the photo but more so for my caption. People really need to chill out! 

My Glam Bag came as well.  The glitter frame is actually a 12 x 12 frame I just shrunk it down and clipped some glitter paper to it and laid my photo on top.

We were without sun most of the week so it was nice to see it come back.

The BBQ I already spoke of on Monday.  A cute shot of the girls from their fashion show.

I'm so happy this week came together without so much drama.  It's good to feel good about it again!


  1. looking good! love how you've incorporated SIL cut files

  2. Love your PL spread! And that POW paper is just amazing isn't it?!

  3. awesome pages!! love the POW cut out and the KP stamps!!