Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a weekend! Summer is here full swing and blazing hot.  Saturday we had some friends over for a BBQ, their kids go to school with Simone so it was an awesome time to hang out and let the kids play, 6 total, it was like kid soup in the pool!  We adults hung out had some drinks ate some yummy appetizers and had an awesome BBQ dinner. 

I made this recipe for the first time, come to find out it was one of our guests family favorite.  It's called Cowboy Caviar and it was delicious.  Here's the recipe if you want to try it too.  Super yummy and great for a hot summer day.

As you can see the weather was quite warm, the adults stayed in the shade and let the kids play in the pool.

After everyone left Larry and I enjoyed the super warm evening, it was still 91° at 9pm.

Before we went to bed I left out some cinnamon rolls to rise, they sure loved the nice warm air and more than doubled in size overnight!

My in-laws came over in the afternoon and brought all kinds of yummy food to cook on the smoker, including this beautiful salmon.  It came out awesome as did the pork roast.

We set up a tent over part of the pool to have some shade and spent all day in it.  A few breaks here and there for some sun but boy was it a hot one. The drink of the day was Picinich Punch, my favorite.  The recipe is easy, Malibu rum, pineapple juice and Sierra Mist.  Super refreshing and just enough coconut.

That shot above was my 1,000th Instagram shot, felt it warranted some celebration!

I hope your weekend was awesome too!  We are hitting the gym this morning, its been awhile so wish me luck!

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