Monday, July 16, 2012

The Pirate Party

This past weekend we went to a 4th birthday party for a little girl, the daughter of some friends that Larry used to work with.  The theme was pirates and from the minute we got the invitation it was all Simone could talk about.  She wanted to dress up, so luckily for us we found some awesome pirate accessories in the dollar section of Target a few weeks ago.  I combined that with a new pink stripped t-shirt, a pirate hat found at Michael's, and a skull scarf of mine.

She looked so cute!

The family lives in Pioneer about an hour away from us in the foothills.  What an amazing piece of property they have.  The trees were lovely and the view from their back deck was amazing.  The best part for Simone was this, the jumpy house.  She was in it most of the day, along with the snake sprinklers.

The sunset was amazing through the trees.

She got in her bathing suit to play in the sprinklers and stayed in it all day.  I don't think I've ever seen this girl get so dirty, she was covered in red clay dirt an loved every minute of it.  We didn't leave the party until well after 10pm and thankfully had reserved a room near by.  It was nice to plop Simone in the tub before she finally fell asleep.  What an adventure!

I hope you had a good weekend as well!

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