Monday, December 8, 2014

December Daily® │Days 5, 6, 7

I didn't have a chance to work on these until Sunday and Monday so I'm sharing a few days here. The weekends are always hard, to much stuff going on to stop and work.

Day 5 is a super simple day, not a ton of photos but we all got out in the evening which was fun. I only had the two photos and of course our movie tickets but what to do for the bottom pocket? Originally I had the photos down there and I thought I was done but you know when something just doesn't feel right, well at the last minute I pulled it out and started over. I knew the spread for the 6th needed a full size pocket so I added in that cute full size page from Ali's kit and just stuck some silver star sequins down on the outside of the protector.

One of my go to embellishments for this project is to layer ribbon, it fills space and its always super simple and easy. I love these two layered on top of each other.

Day 6 was a night out with some friends to a special light show that is happening at our fairgrounds. I'm so glad we went and the light displays were amazing. I opted to focus just on the photos and keep it super simple. The template on the right is from Ali and it was from last year I believe.

I of course made all my friends wait for me as we were exiting because I had to have a map of the event for the album. Everyone I asked was out but thankfully I found some at Guest Services. Since I didn't have good tickets to include (we bought them online) I needed at least something in there to show what this event was.

Day 7 is a bit of a cheat again with dates because we actually saw Santa at the event the previous night. I'm so glad we did it there because the line wasn't super long and Santa was super nice. My daughter has written Santa 2 letters so far so this one was written purely to insert here. I just printed out the paper for her and told her to write what she wanted. She asked if she could draw a picture of the skates which I'm so glad she did, I mean the laces are adorable. The journaling is printed on a piece of white velum and the ribbon was added on top, the red wraps all the way around to hide the adhesive.

Here you can see how it looks in the album.

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