Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Daily® │Day 8

Since this is the first year we will have an Elf visit us for the whole month I wasn't sure how I was going to include the pictures in this album. I thought about doing one whole collage at the end but then I thought it might be fun to do smaller collages weekly. So here we are day 8 with the first seven days of Twinkle.

I made a simple collage for the left side to showcase six days and picked my favorite photo for the right side of the spread. Its a bit out of order and that's bugging me a little bit but I'm rolling with it anyway. The little date tabs that I used are actually larger flash cards that Marcy Penner gave away on her blog last year. I don't think she has the file up anymore but you can at least see them full size on her blog. These cards were the perfect way for me to date each photo, its just such a perfect and simple design. But everything Marcy does usually is so no surprise there. She's pretty awesome.

To dress up the top part of the right side I cut the Twinkle from Digital Design Essentials out of POW aqua glitter paper. In order to beef up the lines a bit I opened the file in Photoshop Elements and then just added a 3px stroke outline to the center of the image three times. It made the thinner lines thick enough to cut out on my Cameo without trouble. I added a simple line of text before printing the page and adhered the 8 and a few red pearl dots. This is printed on photo paper and its sized to 6x8. I'm not slipping it into a protector because I'm trying not to make the whole thing full size 6x8, which I have a habit of doing. Its not a bad thing to do it, I just want to keep the sizes more varied as best I can plus I won't use them all up the first week! I'll figure out what to back it with when I know what I'm doing today.

My plan at this point is to do another similar spread on the 15th with days 8 to 14 and another on the 21st with days 15 to 21. I'll probably cover the last three days on the 24th since that's Twinkles last day with us. Unless something super amazing ends up happening on those days but since we don't have anything planned at this point I think it will work out.

So, if you have an Elf visiting, how are you incorporating it into your album?

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  1. Love the color and glitter of "twinkle" on your page! Awesome idea of the weekly collages for the Elf. We don't have one, but I always love seeing everyone's pictures of him/her! (BTW - Where did you get the lighted "JOY" on your mantle? I love it!!)

    1. Thanks Tori! The JOY came from Target, I got it last year but it was also sold this year too. It's metal and comes with a faux woodgrain look but my husband painted it for me. You can see the details in this post. http://thepicinicbasket.blogspot.com/2013/11/holiday-decor-projects.html