Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Daily® │ days 15 and 16

The one thing I have always wanted to share in my album is something about holiday music and this year I finally made it happen. Holiday music starts for me before Thanksgiving and I have a playlist on my phone that's on constant repeat. When I sat down to finally make a page for it this is what I ended up with.

I really loved that number paper that came in Ali's kit and really wanted to find a way to incorporate it in so I thought this might be a good spot. I added in some really old candy cane striped thickers and a piece of ribbon and the veneer number to finish it off. On the right I had my full playlist typed up and ready to go but opted at the end to show just my 9 top faves from the list to correspond to the number paper. I added some more ribbon and the chipboard music note piece from Ali's kit.

Here is my full playlist if you are curious what I'm listening too. Some of the songs are duplicated because they are done by different groups.

One of the things my husband and I always do is head out on our own for a shopping day that's pretty much all about us. Its easier for us to just do it together so we get just the right things. There are still some surprises on Christmas Morning but for the most part the big stuff is done together.

I used a piece of the printable silver foil for the list on the left. I laid out the design in Photoshop Elements first and save it as a .png file and then opened that in my Silhouette and laid it on top of the torn page cut file that I bought from their store. I printed and then cut out the whole thing. I could not get my registration marks to read properly, a problem I have had ever since I upgraded the software awhile back so I just had to cut it without reading the marks and it worked just fine. In the image below you can see the shine a bit better. I was really pleased with how well the color printed on this, I wasn't sure it would show well enough but it really did print well.

I'm off to wrap all of the girls stuff before she gets home from school so that will be the story for today that I will share soon.

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