Monday, December 15, 2014

December Daily® │ days 11 to 14

It was kind of a busy weekend around here. Christmas gifts to purchase, wrap and ship back East and other places, a cocktail party with friends and a birthday party for a certain seven year old. It didn't leave much time for creating but I stayed in my cozy's yesterday and got myself caught up.

Day 11

I had originally just made the page on the left but I decided I wanted to tell more of the story. This past Friday we were supposed to have a crazy stormy day and a lot of area schools shut down in anticipation for the storm (our district didn't shut down) so I wanted to get some of that down and I didn't want to cover up any of my photo to do it. As you can see below the text is on top of an acetate sheet that I stuck down to the top of the page protector with the cutest skinny washi tape. I did that because I didn't want to staple it or sew it because it would show on the previous photo which I didn't want. I think it will hold up okay as long as no one tugs to tight on it. I added the ribbon to grab on to to open it up to reveal the photo which I snapped with an intentional blur.

The journaling card I made and used the paint chip cards in Studio Calico's Grand Central addon as my inspiration. They gave the storm a hashtag and how dumb was that! I mean come on!

I'm glad I added the story in it makes more sense and its a bit of history documented. Plus is gave me a small space to use for the 12th which was all that I needed.

Day 12

My husband and I had a busy day of shopping, wrapping and shipping gifts and I didn't take any photos but I did snap this one that night at our friends house so I made a quick and easy entry for the album. Some days just need to be easy and fast and that's okay. If your curious what's in my drink its Cranberry Sprite, Vodka, fresh lime juice and a splash of cranberry juice. It was really good! The Cranberry Sprite comes out only during the holidays so make sure you grab some now.

I attached this photo directly to the back of day 11 and it helped cover up the staples I used on the attach me stickers. I typically staple them down because the adhesive doesn't always grab like it should.

Day 13

I kept this to a minimum just the group shot and one of her with her cake. It will get covered more extensively in another form but I wanted it to be my story for today. I made sure to add the 12 13 14 because the date was pretty cool.

Day 14

I initially had this planned for today but since I was in catch up mode yesterday and I didn't really have a story to tell I moved it up. I used the same templates that I did on my previous Elf spread and since I had used the divided page protector on the 13th I just modified it a bit to print on two 6x4 photos and it worked great. I just cut the top one down the middle and everything lined up fine.

I didn't cut the Twinkle out of glitter paper this time but I still made it aqua blue and just printed the whole thing on photo paper. I added blue stars on either side of the number this time instead of the red pearl dots.

I do love how these weekly recaps are working for me so I'm really glad I went this route.

I'll be back soon with more, I can't believe Christmas is in 10 days!

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