Friday, December 19, 2014

December Daily® │ days 17 and 18

Day 17 was our big wrap day. We always tend to do it all in one shot instead of spacing it out. Its a mountain to be sure but once you put your mind to it it goes fast. Especially with a Christmas Playlist on full blast. One tradition I started a few years back was to wrap all of Simone's gifts in the same paper. It makes it easy when its time to pass out and you don't need a tag on each gift, extra bonus points. I have picked the paper for her in the past but Simone was with me one day at Target and I asked her if she wanted to pick out her special paper this year. She said yes and as we walked the wrapping paper aisles at Target I was laughing to myself trying to think of creative ways to make Ariel wrap and then Frozen wrap she was picking work in my album. I was very happy when she ended up picking this pretty blue and silver snowflake paper. I may have done a quiet happy dance. (Disclaimer its raining buckets right now so the lighting is less than ideal so my apologies for the less than stellar grayish looking photos).

The page prior was 5x7 so I just cut a piece of the paper that came in Ali's kit the same size and worked from there. I layered a piece of the wrapping paper on white cardstock just to frame it a bit. I placed the tiny alpha that came in the kit right on the paper using the curl as my guide. A simple red pearl dot and the title and I was good. I did add one of the little tabs after I was done just because I want to use those little guys up, they are so cute. You can see the color of the paper a bit better below, its definitely bright blue and so pretty.

Day 18 had a few story options but I've been waiting to get a shot of our tree in and I'm quickly running out of time so the other stories got bumped. The star transparency on the left lays on top of the tree image, that you will see below. I cut the merry and bright from Jen Kinkade on my cameo and used a really pretty thick red foil paper that I purchased at Michaels. My blade had to be set on 10 to go all the way thru that's how thick it is. Its just gorgeous in person. I just added a tiny bit of text on the photo and adhered the veneer 18 right on top of the protector. A bit about the photo, I did use my tripod to take the photos of the tree and made sure to get them on a day when it wasn't raining. I had a really long shutter to get the little flair on the lights so a tripod definitely helped get clear non blurry images.

Here is is laying on top of the tree image.

And here is a better image of the red foil. The silver star transparency was from Allison Kreft for Websters Pages and I got it last year.

Here are the two pages in the album. I love that pop of bright blue with all the red.

Its going to be a crazy busy weekend for us. We are going to the Nutcracker tomorrow and then having a small cocktail party, gift exchange with our friends later that night. I hope you have a great weekend!

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