Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Waffle

Around here Simone is on a "I do it myself" kick and that includes making her own breakfast.  First she gets her step stool, gets the syrup from the pantry and heads over to the freezer to find her waffles.

Then using the step stool, pushes everything over to the toaster.

Unloads the step stool

and starts to climb

 Opens the waffles

Gives mom a look of "I can't believe your taking pictures of this"

Checks for freshness

Hides behind the waffle because all this picture taking is getting a little annoying

Inserts the waffle into the first slot

Turns the dial to 3

Then climbs down scurry's back to her chair to watch Dora and let Mom and Dad finish the rest.  Oh and I want the pink cup please and no I don't want the blue plate I want the pink one.

I love this girl!


  1. Maybe she can teach her cousin Nick to make his breakfast!

  2. I love that girl too....and her Mother.