Monday, April 18, 2011

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Today was just like any other day at the gym, I did some work on the treadmill with Larry right next to me and Simone where she always wants to be, in the kids Play Center.  I started out listening to one of my favorite scrapbooking podcasts and when it was over, I switched over to my 'gym' playlist on my iPhone. 

This song came on by Florence + The Machine from Eat, Pray, Love. 

I really liked that movie, it spoke to me and I understood the journey.  Not that I feel the need to abandon my life and take off for a year, but I appreciated it and it made me think.  So much so that while I was listening to the song, I started thinking about two blog posts that I had recently read.  Two that had equally touched me and rocked me to my core.  Blog posts that made me want to write and tell a story as well as these two ladies.  Blog posts that reminded me to pay more attention to how lucky I am.  Blog posts that reminded me not to sweat the small stuff, instead to embrace the bigger picture.  Blog posts that made me want to scoop up my 'perfect' child and thank God for how lucky I am.  Blog posts that still even on a treadmill make me cry. 

I hope through my blog posts my family knows how much I love them and how much they really mean to me.  After all, that is why I'm here, to document the journey and tell the stories, hopefully as well as others.

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