Friday, April 22, 2011

The Easter Countdown

We dyed Easter Eggs last night.  I didn't have any vinegar so I had to make a quick trip to the Nugget to pick some up.  It's just not the same if you don't use vinegar, the colors come out so much better.

Waiting for color...

Simone had so much fun coloring the eggs, didn't quite grasp the idea that you needed to 'gently' place the eggs in the mugs using the stupid wire thingy they give you but what can you do she's 3.  She dropped and egg in once and the stuff splashed up into her face.  It must not have gotten in her eye because the wining didn't last that long, but it sure scared her.

 The blue and green came out the best, you can tell by her reactions

Counting the finished eggs, in both English and Spanish, thank you very much!  (my kid is SO smart...)

However, when it comes to actually looking at me with eyes open when I'm trying to capture that ever so pure and angelic moment, we have some issues

Now she's just being sarcastic...

With a 'What' thrown in for good measure...

There's that freshness test again...

Larry bought the Paas kit this year and picked out a Pirate Princess themed kit.  It came with these cute egg holders and stickers to decorate the eggs.

Oh oh...we had a casualty...

All in all the egg dying experience was fun this year, my hands didn't get dirty so that's a bonus, of course I was busy snapping all the pics.  One thing I need to remember is I never make enough eggs but my thought is do I really want a dozen + hard boiled eggs?  I mean how much egg salad can a family eat?  I suppose there's always spinach salad. 

In case you were wondering Simone uses both hands equally.  She prefers to complete tasks with her left but writes exclusively with her right hand.  I'm not sure if this will stay the same over time but I guess it can't hurt to have two usefull hands instead of one dominant one.

Oh and I had to throw this photo in, we had donuts this morning and the donut holes were SO good...

We're going to the club tomorrow for a Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt for the kids so I'll be back on Monday with shots from that and Easter itself.

Happy Easter everyone!

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