Thursday, April 14, 2011

Toddler Time Easter Party

Simone's class had a field trip to Elk Grove Park today for their Easter Party, they will be off next week for Spring Break.  Simone woke up and told Larry, "this is the best day ever!"  Someone was very excited about her party at the park.

They had a chance to decorate cookies, so guess who wanted to eat hers right away...

They had a chance to hunt for eggs so Ms. Susan explained to all the kids that they could pick up 6 eggs.  Simone took off running and it was pretty funny trying to chase after her and take pictures.  Needless to say they didn't come out but she had her 6 eggs in no time.  I had her give some to the smaller kids who were having a hard time getting to the eggs fast enough.  Ms. Miryam sure spread the eggs out in a pretty wide area so there were kids running everywhere.

During snack time all of the kids got bunny ear hats

She just loves her Daddy so much...

At the end of the party we gathered all the kiddos for a group shot with Ms. Susan and Ms. Miryam

In the car on the way home Simone asked when she could go back to the park and find more eggs.  Luckily for her our club is having a pancake breakfast and Easter egg hunt for the kids next Saturday.  She just has to wait until then.

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