Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Daffodil's

Have you ever heard of Daffodil Hill?  Well we went today and it was amazing, thousands of Daffodil's spread out over a lovely hillside.

We actually started our adventure at the Sutter Creek Mine so that Simone could pan for gemstones again.  She loved it and got very excited when she found a purple one.  She came home with a nice collection of Sutter Creek gemstones but no fools gold on this time.

After we left the mine we drove into the town of Sutter Creek and had lunch at The Broken Fork, it was a cute little restaurant.  They gave Simone some crayons and some sheets from a coloring book so Larry showed her how to do the dot-to-dot.

It took us about 20-25 minutes to make the drive from Sutter Creek to Daffodil Hill, it was a really nice drive lots of rolling green hills and old twisty trees.

Daffodil Hill was quite the attraction, I was expecting a bunch of flowers on a hill, but there was well thought out parking (that was free), a place to get a snack, bathrooms and oh so many daffodils.  You could tell by the amount of parking they had set-up this place sees a lot of traffic.  I overheard a photographer talking to some folks that she felt this was the best day to come and see the flowers, a lot of blooms and not to many wilted ones.  Apparently they only last for a few good weeks then they start to die off.  There were only a few that I saw that had died so she must be right.  Here are some more shots from the day.

We may have to make room for some Daffodils in our yard.

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