Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Snow

We decided Monday afternoon to take a trip up to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the snow.  The weather has cleared up tremendously here and it was expected to be in the high 50's low 60's in Tahoe.  We picked Simone up from school yesterday and made a quick stop at Sport Chalet to pick up a sled and some water proof gloves for me.  We had a very smooth trip up to Tahoe and made good time to Adventure Mountain.  Larry found the place online and it was only $15.00 to park and you could stay on the hills as long as you wanted.  They specifically groomed the hills for sledding, they had trails for cross country skiing, a really tiny snack bar, that was out of hot dogs, and most importantly they had bathrooms.  With a newly potty trained toddler, bathrooms in close proximity are key.  We got suited up in our snow gear in the parking lot and started walking up.  By the time we reached the sledding areas we realized we didn't need any of the layers we had just carefully donned.  Boy was it warm in the snow.  My jacket was quickly discarded and then the fleece, pretty soon we were all down to snow boots, ski pants and t-shirts.  It was perfect.  Simone cried her first time down the hill with Larry but soon she realized how much fun she could have just by collecting the snow on her yellow saucer.  I made a tiny little snow man, Simone made snow angels and had some pouting fits but overall she loved it.  We even managed to get a snowy family shot, thanks to the timer and the saucer which doubled as a shelf.  We hung out on the hills for about an hour, we all got tired pretty quickly, the snow was pretty deep in some areas and pulling your legs out of the snow and climbing the hills got pretty exhausting.  Plus were were starving...did I mention the snack bar ran out of hot dogs!  Oh and the group of people that thought it was really fun to have their 4 dogs run around off leash was really annoying.

We drove into South Lake had a quick bite at McDonald's, guess who picked that then it was close to check in time at Mont Blue so we went straight to the hotel.  We hung out for a bit, relaxed, took baths, etc.  We decided to walk over to Harrah's and Harvey's for a bit of fun in the arcade and Simone had a blast playing all the games.  She ended up with 229 tickets, thanks to Larry's 100 ticket jackpot on one game he played.  She chose a barrel of monkeys and a Jolly Rancher lolly pop.  Well maybe she was directed to them by I don't know, me.  She was very happy with her selections non-the-less.  We decided to eat at the buffet on top of Harrah's.  They had such a great view of the lake from up there.  Simone was pretty much done right in the middle of dinner and I was surprised she didn't fall asleep at the table.  Larry did a little gambling after we got back to the room and won, nothing.  We stayed back and watched some Dora on my phone and read a new book we got in the gift shop, Goodnight Lake.  I realized it wasn't about Tahoe but the great lakes so that was a bummer but it was cute anyway.

I realized the next morning why we got such a good deal on our hotel room, apparently when you only pay $59.00 per night, you don't get hot water.  Thanks Mont Blue, you kind of suck!

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Until next time Lake Tahoe...