Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Building

We have a new building going up near our house that we see almost everyday. Simone has been fascinated by it and everyday asks if its done yet. It's a concrete slab building that they put up wall by wall. I've actually enjoyed watching it go up myself. The crane they used was huge and they moved very quickly, Larry said it was probably really expensive to have on site. Right now they are working on placing all of the inner steal supports. I've seen renderings of the finished product and the open space in the middle will be a semi-circle glass wall and there is another on the other side of the building. Happily it will be the new home of Mercy Medical which we are a part of so hopefully our doctors will move in. I'm sure its the first of many in the huge stretch of open land. Apparently a new City Hall will also be built in the area. I guess it can't hurt to have the city government close by. I just hope the rumors of a Super Walmart aren't true.

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