Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ski Trip

Larry took off this morning for the annual Alameda Fire Department St. Patty's Day Ski Trip. His buddy Lorenzo was kind enough to pick him up here so he didn't have to drive by himself.

He sent me this photo on the way up, they were stuck in traffic and it was dumping snow (his words) it looks pretty nice from where I sit.

A few hours later they made it to Tahoe, and I'm sure dumped their bags and got to the hill as quickly as possible. They are staying at a cabin in Truckee and plan on skiing at Northstar. Larry sent this picture and all it said was "Cold"

Yes, he might be cold but look how happy he is.  He's using the new ski's he got for Christmas (purchased last week) plus new goggles so he can still wear his glasses.  The boots and clothes were all things he saved from before.  He hasn't skiid in a few years and its been a long time since he's been on this trip.  Have fun Larry, enjoy the snow, don't crash and ski safe.

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