Monday, April 25, 2011


Our Easter celebrations started off on Saturday, our Club had a pancake breakfast and egg hunt for the members and their kids.

A chance for a rare shot of me and Simone that actually looks cute.

Some love from Daddy

They had a craft table set up for the kids

They made bunny ears and a cute sunflower pinwheel

They had 3 different sections to hunt eggs based on age.  Simone was in the middle pack and was able to get 8 eggs.  She stopped after 6 so we had to count to see how many she had, then she went back for 2 more.  I was a bit more prepared to take photos this time, I did my best to keep up with her, but man is she fast!

Look how excited she is...

When we got home she showed Grandma Delaine all her loot and ate all the candy she got.  Delaine is staying with us for a few days while Mary and Mark are out of town.  It's been nice having her with us.  Simone has had a blast 'helping' Grandma and showing her all of her cool toys.

When she went to bed I set out her Easter Basket.  It was a very Dora Easter this year.  She got a Dora coloring book, two books, a set of DVDs, a pair of Dora crocs and a Boots Beanie Baby.  Oh and a white chocolate bunny just because you have to have a least some candy in your Easter Basket.  No we weren't  being Scrooges about it but between the school egg hunt and they gym egg hunt and the jelly beans and chocolate kisses I have out she has had a ton of candy lately.

Easter morning, she was very excited to see her basket of goodies.  Yes, I know her pj's don't match but when a 3 year old puts on her jammie's that's what you end up with.

Boots, Dora's best friend and exploring partner

She found the Chocolate Bunny, as if there was ever any doubt that she would skip over it.

Excitement over the coloring book

How cute are those shoes.  They will be perfect pool shoes this summer.

"Swiper NO swiping", acting out bits from the show.  She loves to yell at Swiper.

Grandma Teri sent a little something, super cute Dora snack bags, a craft kit and a $1.00 bill 

Larry made breakfast, the best Eggs Benedict in the world.  He used Meyer Lemon's for the Hollandaise sauce and it was so good.  And yes my croissant was cut in half, JUST like they do it at Chez Nous.

Later in the day Larry and Delaine made her Easter Bread.

Simone got in on it too and really wanted to help Daddy braid it.

So she helped

Grandma Delaine imparts words of Easter Bread wisdom on Simone.

Hands down the best Easter Bread ever, I think we ate half a loaf just standing there.

This is pretty much the way Easter went.  It was a very quiet, lazy day for all of us. 

Simone watched her new videos and played with her toys, Delaine read and took naps, Larry kept busy making the bread and I did some scrapbook layouts and worked on some upcoming blog posts. 

It was a really great Easter, I hope yours was equally nice and relaxing.

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