Monday, May 21, 2012

Tripoli anyone?

Have you ever played Tripoli? It's a card game, one my parents used to play in the 70's. My brother and his wife play it a lot so the other night they had another couple over for a game. The rules are easy which is good for me, I pretty much suck at all card games mainly because I can't add quickly so I feel like I can't keep up. Math was never my strong suit.

Anyway, the object is to clear your hand and hopefully have pay cards in your hand. I never cleared my hand so I never won a game but I do have a fair amount of pay cards. Finally at the end I scored and scored big, I had the Queen and King of Hearts and the 8, 9 and 10 of one suit. The pots for both of them were huge which was a nice way to end the game.

It's a fun game if you ever have a chance to play.

It's a busy day here in Virginia Beach, getting everything ready for tomorrow's festivities. I'll be back Wednesday with a photo or two.

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  1. Amazing hand. Good for you. Enjoy your special week. Love always