Monday, May 28, 2012

Project Life - Week 20

I'm feverishly playing catch-up so here is a Bonus Project Life post for Monday.

I worked most of Saturday on this and had fun playing.  It's kind of hard getting back in the grove.  I felt pretty overwhelmed while I was doing it.  I hate being behind on any project and would much rather have a nice cushion of time instead of feeling panicked.

Anyway here is the whole layout.

and the close up of the left side.

As usual I made the date card insert last.  I ended up using a card from the Clementine kit that was intended for the front cover.  Since I covered a bit of my vacation I thought it would be cute to make a postcard for the date card.  The stamps are all from the Studio Calico Adventure stamp set, even the camera that I used as the postage stamp.

I had a few extra shots from Mother's Day that I thought I would add an insert for but at the last minute I decided to make a flip up instead.  I love these.

Here is the inside.  My scanner isn't working right since my computer migration so I just snapped a picture of the poem Simone did for me at school and added it that way.  I have found there is always another way to do something if you want to bad enough.

I played a bit for this slot on the left.  I've fallen in love with the digital frames that I've purchased (like the one on the top right hand corner of the right side page) and have had some ideas of other phrases that I would like to have.  Since I wanted to include my issues with my computer migration I figured out how to make my own in Photoshop with the "so that didn't go as planned..." phrase.  I will be doing this again for sure, so much fun.

The other slot is just a funny photo I snapped while on terminal hold.

A quick shot of the computer guy I hired to fix said computer issues and some happy mail.

Simone had a field trip so a few shots from that.

These two and their watermelon, they love it so much!

Here's a look at the right side, this side is all my trip to Virginia Beach.

A shot of my boarding pass and a pic I snapped from the plane on way way out of town.  The stamps are also from the Studio Calico Adventure set.

Here is that frame I was telling you about, this set is from Erica Hernandez over at 2Peas.  It's awesome and inspired me to make my own.  The shot is of my niece singing at her talent show.  It's a little blurry since I had to zoom in but I still love it and I know its her.

I picked up another new Starbucks cup while I was there, this one is Stainless Steel and I love it! We used Face Time a lot while I was gone and snapped this screen shot of Larry and Simone while chatting with them on my ipad.

I hardly ever do this but I added a slot of just journaling because there were some things that I didn't get photos of but still wanted to documented.  I love the way it came out. 

The other slot is my sister-in-law making cocktails, it was our drink of the week.

Saturday Night I took my two nieces out to dinner and a movie and snapped this shot of us when we got home.  Such beautiful girls!

And some shots of our rousing Tripoli game that night.

I have more photos from the trip while will carry over to the next weeks pages.  I can't wait to work on them so I'll be back on schedule with those posted on Wednesday for sure.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. Love your PL pages! I'm totally trying to get mine up to date! But, I know it will get finished eventually! Having fun & taking the pictures is the key for me! =)