Friday, May 18, 2012

Greetings from Virginia Beach

11:17pm East Coast time (as I write this) and just under the wire of still being Friday. My plane ride out yesterday was smooth sailing. I flew Southwest which I haven't done in quite awhile so I was a bit apprehensive with the boarding procedures but found some kind folks ahead of me in line to help me out. I sat in a row of all women which was nice and had a really mellow uneventful flight to Chicago. I rented a movie from iTunes, a first for me but it worked great. I chose New Years Eve if you were curious. It was the perfect movie for a plane ride.


We got to Chicago a bit early and just before I had to turn off my electronics I snapped this photo with my phone.


I don't know what it is about being up so high seeing the sun setting into the clouds, such calm and peaceful feelings always wash over me. Grateful for such a wonderful life, wonderful family back home and wonderful family to visit. How lucky am I to have that in my life. It doesn't go without notice for me, how truly lucky I am.

The next week will be a whirlwind of family activities and a very special day for my brother on Tuesday that I'm thrilled to be here for. Tomorrow I have a date with my two nieces for a movie and some dinner and plan to soak up as much of this whole clan as I can while I'm here.

I'm love that I can Face Time with Larry and Simone while I'm gone and got a bit choaked up tonight when Simone told me "Mama I miss you a thousand." It's tough being away from them both but this will be the first time I've ever been away from Simone for a whole week. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, for me at least.


I hope you all have a really great weekend!


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