Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Home

Well I'm home from Virginia Beach, I had to get up super early yesterday morning east coast time to make a 6:45am flight but happily landed safely back in Sacramento at 11:00am west coast time.  The first flight to Chicago was easy I snoozed most of the way.  I watched the last Harry Potter movie on the second flight and still had time to snooze for about an hour before landing. 

I snapped this shot as we came in over Lake Tahoe, so pretty and just a touch of snow left.

It's nice to be home, its nice to be back in my own bed but I sure do miss my family.  It was so awesome being there for my brother watching him achieve yet another major career milestone.  The path he chose in life is one that is so amazing to watch, I'm so filled with pride for him, and so filled with pride for our country. 

Here are a few photos from his big day, I snapped this shot before we left, I love the medals on his uniform.

This is him giving his speech.

And one of the two of us after the ceremony.

It sure was a great Navy day this past Tuesday.  I'm so happy I was there to share it with him and spend some time with his wife and three kids.  I sure do miss them.

I have so much to catch up on this weekend, happy to have a holiday weekend to accomplish it all.  Two weeks of Project Life need to be completed this weekend, its my goal.  We are off to the Sac County Fair today, which should be fun.  Thankfully the weather is very cool today so it should be a fun day.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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