Monday, May 7, 2012

Coconut Pound Cake

Man I love Pinterest...the food shared on the site is amazing.  It seems like just about everything I've tried I liked so when I saw this Pin pop up on my feed the other day I wanted to make it right away.

The recipe is from this site, I was so excited to make it I took a screen capture from the website and posted it to Instagram.  Quite a few people commented that it looked yummy and I had high hopes that mine would turn out just as delectable looking.

The batter blended smoothly and everything went as planned.  The only divergent path I took with the recipe was I used a bundt pan instead of the called for tube pan which would ultimately prove to be a bad choice.

When I pulled my cake out of the over it looked and smelled amazing.  Internally I was high fiving myself for creating such an amazing piece of baked goodness.  This of course all came crashing down when I tried to remove said amazing piece of baked goodness from its pan.

Holy stick-ola, and yes, I did prepare my pan but apparently not well enough.  I'm thinking the fluted edges were also too much for this delicate cake.  When I did finally get the cake to turn out most of the top half was still stuck to the pan.  Here is my cake, decidedly different from the perfection shown above...and since I had shared with the world my plans for cake perfection I felt it was only fair to fess up, be honest and show my decidely less than perfect cake on Instagram too.

As you can see on the left side my attempt to stick the broken bits back on in the hopes that the delicious glaze would adhered it back together did not work at all.

The good news is despite its less than perfect appearance it was one of the best coconut cakes I've ever had.  Not only that by my husband and family all loved it. 

It's safe to say that my old, tired, losing its not stick coating bundt pan is not long for this world and a new one as well as a tube pan will find their way into our kitchen soon.

Thanks for stopping by and if you bake anything this week, I send you non-stick good thoughts!

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