Monday, February 13, 2012

A Vistor and Valentine's

What a great weekend!  My brother came to California for work and was able to come up for a quick visit.  He arrived Saturday late afternoon, it was so good to see him.  He's a Captain in the Navy so he was deployed much of last year so this was the first chance we had to see him in well over a year.  He also lives back East, so that makes it even harder to see each other regularly.

I made sure we snapped a few pictures of us together, I was afraid I would forget to make that happen, so glad I did.

It was so great that he had a chance to make this quick trip up even for just one night. We had family over so everyone could take advantage of him being in California. It was really great to get everyone together. The boys had cigars and Port outside after dinner.  I just noticed that everyone is standing in height order, how funny!

There was also plenty of goofing around, Simone loved having her Uncle here!

Sunday we had a nice brunch and he left to visit and have dinner with our Dad and step mom, then he had more driving back to where his class is being held.  We plan to hook up again before he leaves to have dinner in San Francisco before his flight later this week, can't wait for that.

I sure miss you big brother, I really wish you lived around the corner!

Today I had to run a few errands seeing as how tomorrow is Valentines Day!  I needed to get a card for a certain little girl and pick up a Valentine gift for her too.  Mary came over to visit so she went with me on my errands.  After we got back it was time to work on Valentine cards to take to school tomorrow.

Simone was supposed to sign her name to 18 cards for her classmates. She did really well on all of them, only a few boo-boos so thankfully we had extras.

Realization that she still had 9 more to do...

But oh how cute they are, she's writing her name so well.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Larry and I decided not to do Valentine's stuff for each other instead we are going to take Simone to school and then go out for a nice breakfast together.  I hope you have something special planned with your sweetie too!

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