Monday, February 20, 2012

Drawing and Writing

This past Thursday we drove into San Francisco to have dinner at Izzy's with my brother before he flew home.  It's our favorite restaurant in San Francisco and we've been going there for years.  They have the best Steaks, Creamed Spinach and Scalloped Potatoes I've ever had so if you are looking for a good steak house, try it, it's fantastic.

After we sat at the table and after Simone spilled her second drink of the night our waiter thought it might be a good idea to keep this kid busy before the food arrived.  He brought her a cup of crayons and some paper and she got busy.  First she drew a picture for her Aunt to send home with my brother, and then she said she was going to draw a picture of Daddy and Mommy and Simone and this is what she made.

I love that Daddy is wearing his glasses and is holding his cell phone.  A fairly old cell phone seeing as how it has an antenna but cute non the less.  I love how I have super long eyelashes and I'm smiling.  I also love that she drew hearts between each of our hands. someone must feel loved.  The sun is shining, there are birds flying and we are walking around Lake Tahoe, her favorite place in the world.  It's a keeper for sure.

Simone has also started to right words besides just her name.  Most of the time its gibberish and indistinguishable but yesterday she got out a pad of paper and a pen and sat next to me on the couch.  She wrote the first three characters and then asked how I spell my name.  I typed each letter on my ipad so she could see them and this is what she wrote for me. 

It was perfect timing for the Instagram photo a day challenge, today's prompt was handwriting so I posted this image.

Man I love this girl!


  1. So cute. I loved my picture. It is on the refrigerator and everyone comments on Woody and my ears!