Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project Life - Week 6

Six weeks down, it sure does go quickly.  I cannot believe we're already past Valentine's Day, Christmas sure is a distant memory.  Spring appears to have sprung around here, all the plants are confused because the cherry and plum blossom tree's are already blooming.  What happened to Winter is what I want to know?  I sure hope this doesn't mean we are in for a super hot summer, then again maybe I do. 

Let's dive in shall we. I had a really hard time this week, I seem to be all over the board with color and I'm really feeling pretty meh about the whole week.

 Here's a good look at the left side up close

I added the butterfly at the last minute, I really like adding things on this card and didn't really have anything else to include and this came with my recent Studio Calico kit.  I'm not a huge butterfly fan but this was pretty and it went with the card so down it went.

Sunday was the Superbowl so I included a collage of some photos, with a tiny bit of journaling on the label in the corner.

I replied to someones tweet during the game and then she replied back, I took a screen capture and included it.  I blurred it out because I didn't want to publish her info in case that made her uncomfortable but it was funny!

The other slot was a cute shot I snapped of Simone asleep on the floor next to Larry.  She never takes naps anymore so it was cute that she was so tired that day she fell asleep while playing.

I went to a Tupperware party on Wednesday night so I snapped a shot of that. The party was fun, and I signed up to host one so let me know if you want anything!

The other slot is a shot of the front door of preschool. It was the photo a day prompt that day and I happened to be working as a sub for both classes. A long day for sure but it was great.

We finally got some much needed rain so I got a shot of it on my windshield when I got home. I love the Smash tape, I just cut out the pieced I needed and saved the rest for later.  The tag is from the Martha Stewart for Staples collection.  I kept the twine string attached just made it shorter and looped it around.  The background paper is also from the recent Studio Calico kit.

I took this photo and posted it on Instagram, my eyes are ridiculously green in the shot and I love it. I know its from my sweater, they always do that when I wear green. I really wanted this necklace and the Etsy seller only puts up a few at a time so I happened to snag one and it arrived so I had to wear it right away.  This is her shop if you are interested.

Here is a look at the right side.  I like this side better, more balance I think. I also used a different protector its from We R Memory Keepers.  I liked how it has three 4x4 slots in the middle instead of the four 3x4.  It definitely made it easier to get more items on each slot but you have one less so I had to edit more carefully.  I'm not sure I'll use these a lot but it was fun trying something different.

This is cute of Simone in the shower. I used the curtain as a backdrop for my journaling and really liked how that turned out.

A collage of our Parent's Night Out on Friday.

The first middle slot was an Instagram shot I took of Simone's teeth from school. I attached the photo with some wood grain washi tape that I think came in a Studio Calico kit.

We had a great pink sunset this past week so I included that. Just the photo with a caption printed directly on top.

The last slot in this row is great, I managed to get 3 images on that one square. I had a good mail day on Friday and also placed an order on 2 Peas so I included a screen shot of that. I added one of the Martha Stewart labels after printing with my journaling.

I decided I wanted to get a Silhouette Cameo but couldn't justify the expenditure when I had a Cricut and 10 cartridges laying around gathering dust so I decided to try to sell them on Craigslist.  I posted it Friday evening and someone came by Saturday morning and paid full price, no haggling.  I'm super happy it sold so quickly and that I got what I wanted for it.  I now have enough to pay for the Cameo which is great. I used my ad as the base for the slot and added a journaling card and some ribbon to tell the story.

The last slot was a collage of photos from my brother's visit this past week. A great way to end our week, it was so great to see him.

I'm so excited to document this week with Valentine's Day and all.  I look forward to seeing you back next Wednesday for that post.

Have a great rest of the week!

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