Monday, February 27, 2012

The Great Outdoors

We have had some crazy good weather around here lately and we've tried to enjoy every bit of it.  The sky has been clear the sun in shining, we just need the wind to die down and it would be perfect.  If we didn't have the wind, it would really warm up but I guess its nature's way of easing us into Spring, telling us not to get out hopes up just yet, there may be more winter to come.

One of my favorite delights this time of the year are the Plum Blossom trees.  We are lucky enough to have one in our front yard and I believe I've shared a photo of it here last year around this time.  We also have a whole block of them just down the street from our house and we drive by them every day.  I've been meaning to take pictures of them before the blossoms fall so I rode my bike down the other day and snapped a few shots.  These really don't do them justice, I should go back and stand in the middle of the street to get the shot that I really want but I'm a bit affraid I'd get hit by a car, its a pretty busy thoroughfare.

The blossoms can look white from afar and then you get close and see that they are definately pink with bright fushia centers.  You can see the dark crimsom leaves that will take their place starting to open up in this photo toward the bottom.  I bet the blossoms will be gone within a week, especially if this wind sticks around.

These trees are all over Elk Grove and its awesome to see how large some of them are. I hope the one in our yard continues to flourish, I can't wait to see it grow.

Since it was so windy this weekend and not the best bike riding weather Larry thought it would be fun for Simone to set up a tent in the backyard.  I don't know who had more fun, Simone or us just watching how much fun she had.

She brought out some friends; her buzzy bee and her doll's and Daddy gave her a mat to lay on.  She also had a drink, Dad's iphone and her Strawberry Shortcake activity book.  She was in absolute heaven!

Lucky for her the tent provided a nice wind break.  Larry sat outside with her and was freezing because of the shade and the wind.  He eventually climbed in with her for some relief.  She however probably would have stayed all night if we let her. 

I think its pretty safe to say a real camping trip will be in our near future.  She doesn't remember her first one back when she wasn't even walking.  But that's a story for a different day.

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  1. So happy for your beautiful weather, and lovely blossoms. Tents are the best. Lucky little girl.