Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Life - Week 7

I was so excited to work on this weeks pages that I started Saturday.  I had so many ideas swimming around in my head and as usual didn't have room for all of them but I got the major ones in.  I knew the pages were going to be filled with pink and red because of Valentine's Day and I also had a special red element for the right side.  I think this is the first week I didn't include a photo for everyday.  I opted to eliminate some that weren't really important so that I could include extras of a few other days.  Here's a look at the pages together.

And a close up of the right side.

I knew when I got this Starbucks cup a few weeks ago that I was going to use it here.  I asked for an extra cup and the Barista was kind enough to give me one but when it was time to work on this I opted for my used cup  instead (cleaned of course).  I liked that it showed my drink, which is not usually decaf but I got this one at night.  It helped tell a bit of my story without really trying.  I cut down the back and around the bottom and then cut strategically so I would have as much of the design as I could get in on a 6x4 size.  I had to cut thru the green Starbucks logo on the right side so it left some of it showing, I opted to cover it with some paper flags and added the dates there.  I hope Starbucks starts doing this for other holiday's as well, its a great idea.

The Grammy's were on Sunday and I was totally rooting for Adele.  Her performance was fantastic and she looked beautiful.  I really love adding these types of details about what we watch on TV.  It's really a great way to showcase my favorites as well as calling out what is popular at that given time.

My sister in law came over one day to go through my makeup stash for some new lipsticks.  Simone had a blast going thru everything too and even tried on some lipgloss.  The "captured" arrow is from the Awesome stamp set from Studio Calico.  I'm loving these stamps, the clear ones make such and amazing impression.

We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner finally this past week, I haven't been to one of these since I was a kid, it was good and Simone liked it so victory there. 

She also had to sign all the Valentine Cards for her friends at school, 18 of them.  She did a really great job and had fun doing it too.

We do small gifts on Valentine's Day so this year we gave Simone a set of girl Lego's.  She got her first set for Christmas and loves them.  I love this picture of her, the Lego's are in focus and she is a bit blurred a happy accident for sure.  To dress up the photo I cut out some flags, one paper and one from glitter paper, added a date stamp a little journaling and some heart stickers.  You can see it up close below.

Another food photo, this one of a giant maple bar Larry got me for breakfast.  Evil and bad for me but oh so good.  The stickers on the tags are from the new Dear Lizzy line, I love these.

Here is a look at the whole the right side.

I took Simone to McDonald's this week and when I saw these cute little mini fry boxes they are using for the kids Happy Meals I was hoping it would fit on one of the 6x4 card slots.  Sure enough it did, I had to cut a bit off the bottom and then just taped it closed to make a pocket for photos.

I printed two photos sized down to fit inside the box and adhered them back to back.  This shot is so cute, they had this little smile card that punched out of the box so you could take pictures and then send Ronald grams to your friends.  The little word bubble is also cut out from the box too.

Here's a look at photo on the other side.  It shows the Build a Bear toy she got in her box.  I love the way this came out so much. 

Our Plum Blossom tree is blooming not early as I had thought but right on time from what a friend told me on Facebook.  I love the blooms, I wish they lasted a bit longer.

This past week we drove to San Francisco to have dinner with my brother before he flew home.  We decided to go over the Golden Gate bridge so I handed my husband my phone to take photos since I was driving. 

I also included a shot of the restaurant sign, the card is from Marcy Penner.  I used my typewrite for most of the cards on this row.  I had a lot to say and not a lot of space so it was a perfect solution, typos and all. 

The one on the left is typed on a plain grid journaling card and the photo is attached with some Smash tape.  I love the cheese face on Simone in the shot on the right, its on a card from the Clementine kit.

Simone sat down at Larry's computer and it ended up that she wanted to send Grandma Teri and email.  This is a photo of them typing it up and the actual email, copied and pasted on the card.  Love this so much!

We ran to the library to return some books and I let Simone stick them into the book return.  She had so much fun, but had to be coached to go slow and not push them in too hard.  I used the Stepping Stone alpha stamp sent from Studio Calico for the title.  I'm so glad I opted to buy this set when they re-released it.  I almost didn't and now I know why everyone wanted it, the size is perfect and to have both the solid and outline versions of the alphabet are genius!

I'm so pleased with this weeks pages and I hope you enjoyed them too!  See you on Friday!


  1. I enjoy..... Great week.

  2. Such great PL pages! I'm loving how you used little banners to journal on your photo of your daughter with her gift. I'm going to have to remember that!


  3. Such a cool idea to put the McD's fries container in your PL. Great details in your PL

  4. I love your PL pages. So many stories in one double spread! Love the McDonald's container and your Starbucks cup.

  5. Very creative embellishing. A great week.