Monday, September 15, 2014

Summer Bucket List - the recap

So now that Labor Day has come and gone it was time to tally up the results and see how Simone did on her Summer Bucket List this year. She (we) did a really good job on this years list as you can see below.

There were a few major ones that didn't get checked off like Go to Disneyland but I knew when it went on here that it wasn't going to happen this summer. And sadly we didn't sing with the windows down, I guess it was just too darn hot for the windows to be down. We celebrated all the big National Days that we listed except poor Banana Split Day, I blame Daddy being out of town on that one because it completely slipped my mind.

I was thinking that it would be super fun to make a Fall Bucket List this year and a few of these unfinished items can move over to that list, especially the Disneyland one, yay!

I'll be back soon to share that list because I'm still brainstorming and pinning away some ideas for it.

I'm so excited for fall though and it can't come soon enough for me, if only the weather temps would cooperate.

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