Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Project Life 2014 - week 12

Sometimes something crosses my path that just sucks me in immediately, like this for instance...

The outer cover of the April J.Crew style guide.  I wish a photo could do this color justice because its the most amazing neon shade that depending on the light was either an orange or pink hue.  It is amazing!  I saved it and tucked it away to possibly cut up and use in my Project Life® down the road.  

While playing catch up on some undone weeks recently I needed to tackle week 12.  The previous week 11 was one where I used a full sized layout that was not in a divided protector and because I had made week 11 cover more than a typical week covers this (week 12) was going to be short on days too.  Enter J.Crew to fill the gap.

I ended up using a large portion of the front of the catalog cover on the left side.  I also modified this cut file from Paige Evans to make a scalloped border around it.  I then cut little strips of the catalog cover to lay under the open dots.  By using just a few strips I didn't have to waste a bunch of the cover so it left me some bits to work with.

On the right side I added in my photos for the short amount of days and then made little labels for each photo.  I set up the labels in PSE so I knew how big they needed to be and then opened that file in my Cameo and cut them out.  I also cut some Ali Edwards script pieces for the title card and one card slot.  The Happy Spring was a freebie on her blog awhile back (more like three years ago), you can find it here.  The March is from a set she sells on Designer Digitals.

As you can see below I pretty much used the majority of the cover that I had left after making the left side of the spread.  I had to cut the word Spring a second time because my paper lifted during the cut the first time so I just re-cut that word and pieced it together.

It was such a fun challenge to use just this one piece of paper for the whole spread and a fun way to recycle something that would have just ended up in the recycle bin eventually.

Now if I could just find that color paper or paint or nail polish!  I would be so happy.

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